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01-27-2018, 10:48 PM
Words can't describe how ******ed it is to dedicate resources into building a whole training arena 1 year after the game has been released, while there is incredible amount of nonsense that remains unfixed. Sure, it's a nice feature to have, but is it really something to take precedence over the ******ed MM or the idiotic balance? Whoever makes these calls is a complete parody.

And the faction joke. Who in their right, rational, psychologically normal mind cares about the faction joke? Better display, better reorganization... well **** off. After every game i am bombarded with thousands of screens with obnoxious effects. Such nonsense you could find only in the early days of the Internet where every website had Flash intro - this is how disgusting the UX is. The UI is slow, overloaded with animation and effect that are LONG. And if you sum all the time you wait some flashy ******ed thing to play its ******ed animation, you'd find yourself wasting half your time waiting for some ******ed animation to end. Since day one there is an annoying bug that display duplicate items in the box with rewards. Fixing this **** alone will make the FH experience slightly better. **** you with your faction ********, idiots.

What about the rewards when i reach rep 50? More doodles ********s someone's kid scrambled in their illustrator 101 class at elementary school? Why can't it be something more significant, relevant. Why can't it, ***s?! For example a color wheel - you pick custom colors in any game mode. Or other exclusive effects. Does this Daminan caricature still insist that colors matter during fights in this game? Does he have no shame coming forth with such IDIOTIC statements?!

Obviously Ubisoft is on autopilot of some sort. I can't find another explanation.

01-27-2018, 11:57 PM
The faction war is a joke since the majority of the community is part of a faction while the remainder is split into the other ones, then the faction hoppers flock to the next faction they "predict" is going to win but we all know or at least I realized that it is and isn't rigged because of how uneven the factions are with about just one of the factions having a huge portion of the players while the other two factions have the loyal non faction hopping players since the launch of the game.

not even with what they added and plan to add makes me want to participate in the faction war all i do now is place my banner on the corners and that the last i check on the map, there really isnt a point of participating in it if the rewards are just bad like wtf really almost like 2-3 month long seasons and the winners get an ornament that looks like the crest of the season we are in, symbols, and premium packs, and a gold emblem trim; no mythics specifically made for that seasons faction winners with its unique effects and paint job, maybe an execution or an emote for that factions winners. Im not talking about the already available executions, effects, emotes i mean created ones only for that season's faction winners for that season only.

Not only that you could pick any character and still deploy war assets for your faction; like if they really want people to partake in the faction war they should've made it that you are only rewarded war assets if you completed the match using your factions characters only. You can still use all other characters available just that if you want to participate in the faction war you have to use that factions characters. Then we would see how many are actual participants while the rest who don't are the faction hoppers who don't contribute to the war.

01-28-2018, 12:26 AM
Rageus_Quitius, it's okay to express disappoint or negative critique regarding the game and we readily welcome that, as it helps us to identify areas for improvement for the team. However, we ask that you remain constructive and respectful when you express these thoughts here on the forums. There is not need for the use of inappropriate language and calling the development team "idiots." WE'll be closing this thread.