View Full Version : Matchmaking bot games very unplayable?

01-27-2018, 08:14 PM
Hello friends,

I just got For Honor, I really have no interest in the pvp aspects but enjoy bot games for now as well as exploring the different characters and maps. Every time I try to play a bot game where I may actually be able to get stuff to unlock characters the AI on my team get between 0-2 kills each, while the AI on the other team get between 6-12 kills each. This makes it not only 0% fun, but quite obnoxious and frustrating as I'm guaranteed to lose before the game even starts. Is there some kind of setting I'm missing or is it designed to punish people for not taking part in pvp? (Though I've read that pvp also punishes players for fighting, which is fine by me cause I just wanted a fun bot arena style game a la offline Unreal Tournament 2003 but still: what's going on here?)

This is all very disappointing to say the least. I read that it may have to do with matching to player level but all my characters are level 1 -literally just started playing today- so even with that I don't know why I'd be matched with incompetence-incarnate-bots while my opponent-bots are to combat what Ron Burgundy is to the news. Is there a way to remedy this outside of a refund request that will probably go unanswered?

Thank you very much for your time!

01-27-2018, 08:52 PM
Couple things to take note of. As you havent tried pvp the game will keep you at a low mmr so the bots you are paired up with are probably lvl1 or lvl2 bots so the bots on your team will also be weaker bots turning it into a bit of a gamble which bot comes out on top. Are you doing custom match? Go into the multiplayer menu and do matchmaking versus ai that way you can have real players on your team instead of the unreliable bots that seem to fail you

01-27-2018, 09:57 PM
Also under practice menu you can fight the bots and pick which hero you want to face and what lvl bot they are. Its a good way to practice moves and get used to what ever hero you choose. You can choose the set bots lvl 0,1,2,3 which only use the same hero per lvl or you can choose custom and make what ever hero any lvl you want. There is no timer, no rounds they and you just respawn till you wanna stop.