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01-27-2018, 07:55 PM

I have been able to locate the Shovel (first time), though unfortunately, I was killed by some zombies a couple of times, Before I was able to retrieve this shovel.

Everytime I restart the game, I check the CCTV camera''s in the safe house, and in constantly tells me that the shovel is at the Palace Gates.

When I get to the Palace gates, I use the scanner All over the Palace Gates area,s and I Fully check the area, and I can Never locate the shovel no matter how hard to try and find it it.

Is this a glitch in the game?

Lastly, I am currently at the Arena part of the game, whereby I have to complete this area and safely get back to the safe house.

At this point, I have no weapons except for my gun and a few bullets, so trying to pass this stage of the game is Incredibly difficult, though near the end of this part of the game, I am told to press the red button on a pole, (which I do, though at this point I have totally run out of bullets), and at least 7 zombies, come out of this gated area, and die.

When I re-awaken, I am back at the Safe House (next to the CCTV camera's), and my objective is to survive the arena and get back to the safe house.

Everytime I get back to the arena, the circus music plays, though my objective is to still get back to the safe house (which I have done at least 3 times), however the game states that I have not done this.

Please could you let me know if this is a glitch in the system, as IF it is, please could you let me know when an "Update" will be provided to the game to rectify this?

IF it's NOT a glitch, then please could you or one of your colleagues advise me how I can resolve these issues?

My sincere thanks for your help in the above matter.


05-18-2018, 09:11 AM
I just bought be PS4 edition and, just tonight downloaded an uplate for it. 5.5 or something similar to that. Prior to the download the game worked perfect but, after the download it seems that the aim assist WILL NOT turn off. It is set to off no matter how many times I check but, when using any type of weapon and being near an infected(even if they are crawler a good bit behind me) if I try to move whatsoever, it auto turns me to face the infected at chest height. This includes, once again, crawlers. To me, this is game breaking because, I am unable to aim below chest height of a walking zombi which means, fighting crawlers is significantly for difficult and, running from infected is impossible because the game repeatedly turns me toward them. It is digital, PS4.

05-18-2018, 06:26 PM
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