View Full Version : When can we get rid of AOE feats?

01-27-2018, 04:45 AM
As the title says WHEN? Yup just finished 3 straight dominion games where at the end it's like a modern war zone. One was vs 3 wardens and a pk and I got away from 2 bombs, my teammates not so...So I stood my ground 1v4 and was going down and activated revenge as 3 attacked me then the red circle surrounded me. Game over, I mean really how long could I have lasted? Not necessary...

Next game we were breaking again two of my teammates were fighting a Valkyrie and I was 1v1 a conc. I got knocked down and the conc blew up my teammates as I got up but couldn't stop him. I then fell to the 2v1. So sad, sure I got beat but it just changes the dynamic of the game. Not even giving us a chance.

The final nail in this which caused this rant, both teams breaking I was 1v1 a warden. I had him down to less than 1 bar while I still had 3. I have a tendency to stay slightly back to handle the SB spam they all do and he blew me up. Before I could roll out of the giant red circle it ingulfed me. It is so frustrating, seriously!

Sure season 5 might have some cool things but the bombing is toxic and needs to go! Can you practice against this in Arena mode? Sometimes this game feels like COD and not a hand to hand fighting game of skill. This really needs to be addressed as it seems to be more common in dominion games. It's making them not worth playing.