View Full Version : New assassins creed idea: assassins creed redemption

01-27-2018, 01:20 AM
I thought of a good assassins creed idea and I think it should be made into a game. I wanted your guys opinions on it and hope it spreads to Ubisoft since if they did this it would be really cool in my opinion.

Itís set in America after the assassins creed unity dead kings dlc. The main protagonists would be Connor Kenway and Arno Dorian were you play as them trying to take down the Templar Shay Cormac who killed Arnos father.

The game starts with you in France playing as Arno and you set sail out of France (like you say you would in assassins creed unity dead kings) your on the way to America but at this point you donít know why your going all you know is you received a letter from the American colonial brotherhood calling upon you. On the way you battle ships stop at islands so on and so on like in assassins creed 4. Once you get there you meet Connor Kenway master assassin the game focus on you being retrained new ways and new skills by Connor Kenway and you sometimes play as Connor for certain missions. (In free roam you may choose like in syndicate). The games main target is Shay Cormac And you getting redemption for what he did is why I called it redemption

Anyway please give thoughts and improvements. I think this would be a kick *** game idea, what are your thoughts???