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01-26-2018, 09:06 AM
This is not so much a presentation on my part, but an invitation for anyone and everyone to join in on the discussion for new Heroes for For Honor Year 2. I shall present an idea of a Hero for the Samurai and Vikings (since they're only ever released in pairs), to start us all off.

The general theme of the next influx of Heroes could be about a motif on "unsung heroes". One of them goes unnoticed out of a need for secrecy, and the other goes without praise for seemingly being innocuous and unimportant. Though, only out of bad luck, or from other soldiers getting the spotlight. I haven't exactly come up with any actual names for these two, none that seem poignant, but I can find one at some point.

The Undercover Agent:
This is the "need for secrecy" character. The only Japanese translation I could find was "Himitsu no ejento", and I'm not convinced that that ins't simply Katakana or some variety of pseudo-language, and I have no way of knowing which. An experienced hand at Japanese would be appreciated.

This is a Hybrid of Heavy and Assassin.

The Undercover agent wields two Tekko-kagi. They're essentially like specialized bracers that cover your forearms and extend forwards past your knuckles in four sharp points, forming "claws" that were directly inspired by that of a bear. Wielded as extra-deadly knuckle-dusters. The Undercover Agent is armored with a nondescript helmet of Viking design (though with Samurai modifications applied to it), and fully armored, steel-plate pauldrons and upper-arm chain-mail (with Samurai artistic liberties taken). His torso and legs are armored in wooden, Samurai armor that is not too dissimilar from that of an Orochi.

His fighting style is very much a sort of improvised, unique mixture of kick-boxing and Karate. He possesses dodging attacks, but are unique, in that his sideways dodges only provide a swift (though, planted, and not in mid-air) round-house kick in either direction, whereas he can attack with his Tekko-kagi when dodging forwards or backwards. He doesn't have any Unblockable attacks, but can apply bleed when he Guard-Breaks you, a la Peacekeeper. He can block upon dodging in the direction of an attack, wherein he can also apply bleed to the opponent. Though, not much.

He can charge a Heavy Attack in any direction for more damage (a la Conqueror) and lunge with Hyper-Armor, though is planted on the spot while it's charging (a bit like when Valkyrie gets into full-block position). Taking damage when charging a Heavy attack will cancel the move.

You'll be wondering why this Hero has a Viking helmet and Knight pauldrons. And why so many of his moves are directly inspired by Viking and Knight Heroes. This stems from the Agents' role. He, like the Shinobi and Aramusha, is a part of the organization that exists to safeguard the Dawn Empire from threats, using espionage and wet-work. For more thorough information, there's a Pinned Thread that goes into topic of the lore much more deeply than I care to, here.
Before the Age of Wolves, these Agents were selected from the most cunning and most tenacious students in their Enclave, and were sent out of the Myre and into other Factions' territories as young-adults. Old enough to be sufficiently skilled (and sufficiently conditioned with loyalty to their cause), but young enough that they wouldn't be considered a threat.
These Agents would grow up under the care of the faction they were planted into (either Knight or Viking) and would learn everything that they could possibly attain knowledge of during their respective stays. Naturally, they would learn, either Latin or Icelandic deepening on where they were sent, and depending on who they fell under the jurisdiction of, they could potentially learn the other.
Upon reaching adulthood, these Agents would leave their hosts unannounced and return to the Myre to be received by an errant Aramusha on their arrival. Depending on how smoothly things go, these Agents might end up taking a second excursion, elsewhere. After their first "expedition" they would spend the rest of their career as spies in other territories. These Agents are the entire reason why the Samurai are able to fight and adapt so well when dealing with Vikings and Knights. They provide the Shinobi Enclave with all of the information from the outside world that they need- news, recent developments, ways to counter new technology- the works.

As such, these guys are do not have disappearing Guards, and would actually be quite meaty-looking. After all, one does not simply live in Valkenheim or Ashfeld and NOT gain more than a few pounds of muscle.

This forms a sort of "tri-force" in the Enclave. The Shinobi are analogous to the F.B.I, the Aramusha are analogous to one-man S.W.A.T teams who always hide their true motives behind a guise of money-lust, while The Undercover Agents are analogous to C.I.A spies who work outside of home territory.

The Gear customization would be simple in terms of Armor. Arms would be deviations of Conqueror and Warden sets, the Helm would be deviations of Warlord and Valkyrie helmets, while the torso and legs would be variations on Orochi armor. The Weapon Gear sets would be a bit more complicated. I guess it would be divided up by Claw-Tips, Bracers, and Handle-Bars. To say that this character wasn't inspired by the use of War-Gloves in Absolver would not be inaccurate.

When the Age of Wolves began, I suspect that the majority of Undercover Agents were, either, in the other two Factions' territories, or stationed in the secret location of the Shinobi Enclave. Since their purpose is not altogether military-based, I would guess that the Enclave spent the opening months of the war bringing back all of the wayward Agents to Homebase, and devising a way for the Agents to function on the open battlefield, which would present itself in the Agents themselves designing Knight/Viking-inspired armor for their use-combat.

The Lieutenant:
This one is the unappreciated soldier who has excelled despite being fairly unnoticed by Knight society. He is a Vanguard. The Lieutenant is armored in a metal-cap helmet and gambeson, with metal greaves for his feet, and chainmail covering his forearms and thighs. He wields a Buckler and War-Pick. A mace-esque weapon with a single, sharpened puncturing point with which to crack through armor. As well as a blunt side for bludgeoning damage. His Buckler is a small, center-grip shield that covers his forearm. It can be used to block, parry, or punch with.

His Light Attacks will be performed with the blunt side of his War-Pick, while the Heavy-Attack will be done with the Spiked side. When one of his Heavy attacks lands, it gets "stuck" in the opponent, and requires a button-input (probably either the Guard-Break button or the Feint button) to wrench it free, on The Lieutenants' part, and a button-input on the part of the opponent to get it out of them.
The longer that the War-Pick stays stuck in the opponent, the more bleed damage it incurs. If the opponent is out of stamina, they are unable to shake off The Lieutenants' War-Pick, and the bleeding can be freely allowed to stack-up. However, until The Lieutenant pulls the Pick free himself, he is unable to do anything else while the Pick is stuck, and can be easily dragged around by the Opponent when dodging, or periodically attacked (even when the opponent is OOS).

His Top-Light Attacks, if unblocked, will apply a Stun and drain stamina. The Lieutenant can perform a shield-bash when dodging side-to-side, and this serves only to drain the opponents' stamina, and will not apply Stun. When a shield-bash lands, The Lieutenant can get a free Light attack to set up for a mix-up.

The Lieutenant is basically the closest Hero there is to an "average" soldier. He is commonly regarded as a lowly Grunt, but his accomplishments in battle between the various Legions have earned him the title of leader. It is only now, a year into the Age of Wolves, that he and those like him were finally given the honor and renown that they deserve. Only when everyones' gaze is pointed at the enemy, does everyone appreciate the actions of those beside them. The Lieutenant is a bit of a newbie, and isn't altogether used to the status and authority that being a member of the Heroes brings them. As such, he is often too serious for his own good, and too brainwashed by soldier life to let loose. He often finds anything BUT the heat of combat awkward, which will be shown in his Emotes and Executions.


01-26-2018, 09:11 AM
I do not want new heroes just repair what is broken!

01-26-2018, 09:19 AM
I do not want new heroes just repair what is broken!

This isn't about Season 5. This is about what comes after the fixes and repairs.

01-27-2018, 10:28 PM

01-29-2018, 04:05 AM
This isn't about Season 5. This is about what comes after the fixes and repairs.

In your eyes..and mind.
Every aspect of the game should be fixed so maybe your many words could be moulded into helping find a solution instead of piling more new content on top of what is broken.
I still don't believe the game shall be fixed during Season 5 or 6.

As recognition of respect to those who've stayed with this beautiful concept of a game dedicated servers should be released on the game's 1st birthday and for those same people a little something else should be offered seeing how they are the ones who played full price for the game...
A sign of respect and good faith.

Tundra 793
01-29-2018, 04:07 AM
Every aspect of the game should be fixed so maybe your many words could be moulded into helping find a solution

You said it kettle!

01-29-2018, 04:13 AM
Ulrich, what a brilliant idea. Release something that is unfinished and not ready to go out to the public early so it doesnít work as intended, and create more frustration and anger towards the company. That will certainly solve all the issue when we have server crashes constantly because they where released early. That certainly is respectful of all the players who have been waiting patiently for a working product. Release something that isnít working, but if itís in good faith no harm done right?

04-15-2018, 11:43 AM
What about Vikings? Samurai suck besides Shinobi and Orochi. Kensai or orochi should have been something else. Its boring having 2 samurai that have swords. Aramusha is OP as all hell. Nuke that *****. Bring in a viking with a warhammer or viking with axe and shield. I dont care for shaman, just a reworked berzerker. They should bring in a free-for-all mode and Siege mode, or a fantasy mode where 4 players go on a quest and fight trolls and orcs. I dont know, all i do know is that For Honor is repetitive. Mix it up, make it fun . They said the reality aspect was gone so why not explore the...other part haha. Just an opinion

04-15-2018, 12:41 PM
I really doubt that we will see new heroes during year two of the game. I still hope for less, new gamemode and new maps (not arenas, but high-grade maps like we have in 1-4 seasons). But even this stays under big-big "IF".