View Full Version : What Happens when you Try to play Duel and win at least three matches...

01-25-2018, 11:24 PM
... and all you run into are Aramushas, Shamans, and Wardens. You beat each of them pretty handily in the first two rounds, but then they almost uncannily resort to cheese and vortex-spam on the third round, at which point you don't know whether to feel bad for losing or angry for being cheated out of your victory. Then, you move onto Brawl matches where the exact same thing happens, and your Teammate always appears to be a massive scrub, even when playing as Shaman.

So you decide to chug a soda, splash some water on your face, and smack yourself 'till you're red in the cheeks. Feeling sufficiently awake, you give it another go, and literally nothing improves. By now, you've become about as angry as you'll allow yourself to get, so you gather your boxing gear and drag your father down to the basement to spar with him for 15 minutes. You exhaust yourself and push the limits of your strength, speed, and stamina for the duration of the bout. Then... well, you go back to your room and wonder how you became so irate in the first place.

You see the game's Title Screen. And you feel your eye twitch in rage.

01-26-2018, 03:02 AM
Just prepare yourself for the cheese as best you can. Idk about you but I like my fish SQUIRMY.

Tundra 793
01-26-2018, 03:05 AM
So you decide to chug a soda, splash some water on your face, and smack yourself

Replace the soda with beer, the water splash with whiskey, and the smacks with more beer and you'll be where I usually end up.

Good thing in my case is; After the last beer I'm beyond caring, so I feel, no wrath.