View Full Version : need help to unlock more deck slot

01-24-2018, 02:18 AM
hey guys i have 2 games
1- on my emulator android version which has 2 deck slots unlocked

but my new games on my iphone5S im unable to unlock more than 1 deck slot...not sure what i did before to have it

help would be much appreciated
cuz lord know that ubisoft support is useless

02-05-2018, 02:10 PM
When you are in your deck builder there should be a button/tab to the right that looks like some cards with a plus sign i believe. Not sure if it depends on level, but i have 4 deck slots available on my game. Come join team Total Asscheeks we donate a lot and need active players. We could also help any issues you may be having. We have a ton of high level and experienced players:)