View Full Version : Assassins Creed Origins: How to remove ads in my Map/Quests/Gear etc area.

01-23-2018, 11:27 PM
I keep getting ads all of a sudden any time i go into my Map/Quests/Gear etc area of the game. This is SUPER ANNOYING, and there should be absolutely NO ads once im in the game!!! Please keep these outside of my game, or i will get too annoyed with it to even buy it!!! Is there ANY way to turn these off now????

01-26-2018, 02:21 AM
This is without a doubt the most annoying "update" I've seen to a game in a long time. it is infuriating to have to click through an ad *every* *single* *time* I access the map, settings, or inventory. Whoever thought this was a good idea needs to be fired immediately. If I have to fight through ads to play a game I've already paid for, there is NO WAY I will pay for an add-on. If someone knows a way to disable the ads, please let us know!