View Full Version : Okay, something has changed with Aramusha.

01-23-2018, 04:17 AM
I'm not talking about all his 25 damage being buffed to 30 either, which God knows why the devs felt that salt in the wound needed to be poured.

But I always defended Aramusha before with everyone whinning about the light spam.
Because I had no issues with it.
I was blocking / parrying his top attacks and (Orochi) Zephry Slashing / deflecting his side attacks all the time.

Had nothing but fair and fun fights with him.

I wasn't on for a few weeks.
Installed the latest patch.

Now I might as well set down my controller as soon as the infinite chain starts.

This is really disgusting.

01-23-2018, 06:21 AM
I think I know why, but itís likely not the answer want to hear.

The player base has dropped pretty dramatically, again.

I never find anyone in strict anything, anymore, and I never could find a match of the special event(too bad, too).

Why does this cause aramusha to light spam god? Because youíre playing out of your region, or with a bunch of players out of theirs. Lag. Lag. Lag.

If this game has one defining failure, itís lag and connection issues. This game may very well be perfectly balanced, for all we know, but the lag makes fast characters with poorly telegraphed attacks into unstoppable beings.

I, personally, donít think it will ever be fixed, even with servers. My experience with the servers was pretty bad, so hereís to hoping lag comp does take a year to implement.