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01-23-2018, 04:05 AM
how do you fight them if they juts back flip and quad dodge i can gb them out of it

01-23-2018, 05:53 AM
Yeah, they can be a bit like fighting with birds.

A good tactic is to not play their game; Shinobi's usually want you to chase and attack them so they can range GB you or something. Just stand around and make them come to you. Their lights come out quick but feint or throw lights of your own before they close distance to throw them off. Also, if you make them favour range, parrying their range attack isn't too difficult, and it's usually a free ground punish.

Watch for the kick; don't preemptively dodge it, they'll probably catch you with a guard break.

What hero do you play?

01-23-2018, 06:14 AM
i play LB Valkyrie gladiator and kensei

01-23-2018, 06:50 AM
For Kensei and Lawbringer, deliberately whiff your attacks to access your unblockable (attack while out of range; close distance with each strike). It has good reach and it will force a reaction.

The unblockables are easily parried, so expect that. Feint them into guard break or parry. With Kensei you can soft feint into an uninterruptible side heavy (which is generally great for trading with assassins). Kensei's side dash light is a good counter for the kick too. You can follow that into another top heavy and start your mix-ups: feint into guard break, soft feint unto uninterruptible side heavy, etc. All of these have good range, so you don't have to get too close.

With Lawbringer you may need to turtle up a little more. When you block, go into your shove. From there you need to test your opponent; if the Shinobi dodges your light (following the shove), use guardbreak instead. Also, I've found a good practice is to follow the shove with a heavy; you'd be surprised how often it lands (don't overuse it or you'll get parried).

I can't give good tips for Glad and Valk, 'cause I don't play those as much.

01-23-2018, 08:08 AM
Very good points were denoted by Jazz above. I'll also add for Valkyrie, heavy softfeint into shield bash is useful just as the Shinobi is attempting to dodge in front of you (to confuse you between either a GB or a kick). Also the fully charged shield lunge will close the gap real quick.

Valkyrie's side dash attacks are pretty good if the Shinobi avoids attacking up front. Try not to use the spear sweep because it's far too easy for a Shinobi to dodge that and punish you. So it goes side dash attack > light attack from other side > heavy softfeint into shield bash, etc.

If you do manage to parry a ranged attack / GB, do a top dash attack then a side light then attempt a spear sweep. If it lands, pull a heavy, then a light then heavy softfeint into shield bash then GB then heavy.

Let the heavy fly sometimes, don't always softfeint into shield bash. Keep the guessing game up. Shinobi's best tools are his dodges, flips, and lights. Pretty much anything else is average and once you successfully deal with his dodge spam / flip spam, all that's left are his side lights which can be superior-blocked with ease.

Valkyrie's deflects are risky on Shinobi because one mistimed dodge can cost you 2-3 light attacks from Shinobi.

I unfortunately don't own any DLC hero and cannot offer tips concerning Gladiator. But Gladiator is a feint master. Also abuse his unblockables.

01-23-2018, 10:52 AM
Shinobi is indeed far too powerful, which means you simply have to play much better if you want to win. They will try to make you chase them, don't. Just stand still. He has the best lights in game, 24dmg @ 500ms which is just 1 damage less than my heavy for double the speed (balanced, right?) as a hl main so you have to be master at blocking.

The kick has hyperarmor so don't try to attack him out of it, he will instead trade and he does more damage so its a no go. If you dodge the kick, with some heroes it is punishable but others will get punished instead if they try to attack/gb. Your best bet is to try to gb them while they dodge around if they for some reason are not keeping distance, and just be excellent at parrying. Dont bother parrying the zone though, he will be out of gb range so if you forget it and gb by reflex, he will get free gb instead.

If you have melee attacks, don't spare them. Also if you have fast lights, you have chances to hit him before he does.

01-23-2018, 05:13 PM
Iíll add to this since I main shinobi. Although I donít really quad dash because of the GB threat just read the kick itself as previously stated. For instance Iíll play mindgames to panic the opponent then go for the kick a few times to condition them then occasionally ranged GB. But this canít work if you stay on your toes and dodge the kick. Now also as previously stated the kick has hyper armor. And Iím pretty sure his kick overrides other hyper armors but you can fact check me on that one. Now how I play is actually reliant on the hyper armor you get. You have to be careful when you parry or counter his ranged attacks. He gets knocked down donít throw a heavy unless you get a light immediately after. He gets hyper armor on his way back up and itís a free GB. Also I dash a few times to see how they react. I donít follow up with anything. So if you dash light with valk itís most likely a free GB. Now playing against other shinobis. A good random or not so random lights and heavy works accordingly if they are dodge and kick happy. But as also previously stated stay on your toes. Glad tips .. hm I play him every once in awhile and my best thing for you is that you still have to try to be careful. He has several unblockables. All of which can be dodged other than the zone if you get hit by it. I would say whiff a light and go for unblockable constantly. Condition them and see what works. This attack can be dodge so youíve gotta be careful there. You play kensai? I mean Iím not too sure to help you there. I donít really dodge all to much against good ones because the range and feints keep from actually going for a kick. But I can help better if you ask very specific questions and Iíll answer the best I can!