View Full Version : 20% discount is most likely never going to be fixed

01-22-2018, 02:13 AM
After speaking to 2 different representatives for two separate cases regarding the error for the 20% discount, it's pretty obvious that they are no longer offering it or they just don't want to spend time to fix it because it makes them lose money. I am getting premade responses to my questions telling me to just close the ticket and that they "have forwarded the information to the development team."

I don't understand why they just take the offer out if they don't want to honor it anymore. This is getting infuriating trying to find out why. I am almost certain that they are telling me to wait for more information that will never come because they don't want to fix a system that makes them lose money on loyal customers.

If anyone is interested, here is what I got via my support ticket: