View Full Version : Do you guys acutally play this game yourself ??@ubi

01-22-2018, 12:29 AM
If u play this game for long time / days. you will find out things which just brock this game like hell.

Peacekeeper and shinobi : only light attack the hell out, and after the block-system got destroyed like everythingelse , have fun block it, ok maybe 3 or 4 but with no stamina losing ,they just keep spaming the hell out ! (( Other spam like kick of centurion or highlander, shield spam of conqueror can get dodge but these kind of spams sux ))

Feats : like 10 times said, a team : lawbringer 2x, warden 2x. , spam the hell out of grandes , right and left, and the radius of them is so much, u cant even dodge when u stay in middle of that. How should a team with 1 raider, 1 serker, 1 kensei, 1 warlord do about this ?? its not about the skill lvl, just FEATS !

Shaman : near about everything of her is godlike , feats : make the zone a landmine zone, ( blabla u can see blabla , yes but fight vs 2 and most of zone r too close to just move around, grab : throw distance is funny and she is an assasin, she can grab while attacking without E ( easyyyy ) blood : she can make you blood, while attacking, after grab, while zoneattack, and after blood just make jump and get hp back and kill ! Jump-attack : yes if everything get block, just push to wall and get garantee hit.

If u face a team full of knights , Ur win-chance about 10% just if u r very good and play in team and they r really bad .
If u face shinobis, u neeeed time what u never have in 4v4 dominions , to always block the light spamm and maybe use a mistake to grab or parry and do damage. the same to peacekeeper. and shinobi has the extra kick spam.
If u face shamans : u have to be carefull about everything what u have in this game, feints, throw distance oO, blood, jump to hold tight, and and and,

I can really lose, if i just get rekt, i like it when people just destroy me, becaus of lack of speed or wrong direction and and and, but unfair things what they acutally spam, just take the fun and everything away of the game.

And server and problems with that put to the side.( which we hopfuly get dedicated and willnt have them anymore )

Tell me something except we write it down but will do nothing.