View Full Version : Improve OR get rid of Shugoki hes waste of console/computer space.

01-21-2018, 11:16 AM
WHY keep Shugoki hes TOO slow to hit, TOO slow to block, WAY TOO slow to ryn, with virtually NO moves apart from 1 IF uyou manage to pull it off it doesn't always work the squeeze but they toned it down anyway, EVERY character is twice to ten times faster is seems CANT dodge any good either , EVEN his feats are rubbish , so UNLESS they make improvements to him ,may as well get rid of him. TRY i DARE YOU in tribute for example ITS JOKE , game be OVER by time he gets post to shrine for EVEN slower than his normal snail self ,you got rid of sprint speed i know . ALL the new characters have WAY more moves etc making ALL the older one TOO predictable especially when as SLOW as he is.

01-21-2018, 11:46 AM
Christ, mate, paragraphs, for the love of God.

Shugoki is a very powerful hero in the right hands. Feint a lot, headbutt when you hit, learn the best times to trade heavies, and know that your hyper armour allows you to grab most heroes out of their light attacks. Once your feint game is down and you start landing hits and headbutts, you'll be able to throw more heavies into the fight to press on your opponent even harder. It's also why you must take chip damage (Punch Through, I think it is called) as your 3rd Feat.

He does need some work but he's pretty amazing for the most part.

The most significant complaints I have with him are: A) Demon's Embrace misfires sometimes and the window is super narrow as is (he'll walk backwards and guardbreak). B) Your opponent can get a guaranteed guardbreak against you after your powered heavy. That's just dumb.

01-21-2018, 12:07 PM
I like the idea of Shugoki, but he is kind of bad now. His superarmor would be cool if it would work as intended, but in its current form it means you don't have it up, thus lowering your effective hitpoints to 128. Now you have to rely on hoping the armor will kick in during the enemy's attack. His special move (hug) is a nice high risk/almost as high reward, but then we got shaman with better version of it without risk at all. Shrek really needs love in rework to make him usable, while keeping his uniqueness.