View Full Version : We are Forming a new gaming league 5v5 R6S

01-21-2018, 11:13 AM
After some consideration and talks, WeirdosXxXx.com is forming an amateur 5v5 Rainbow Six Siege league.

Right now, we have been hard-at-work getting the word out and we have heard a ton of positive feedback about the idea!

For now, this will be PC version only. 5v5 no world-rankings (amateur only). The nuances of the rules are still being drafted and will be finalized when we have at least 10 solid team captains to approve the rules. Points, stats, refs, standings, even video highlight will be covered by our staff.

Right now we're at about 3-4 teams in the few days since we've been spreading the word.

And you players without a team will have an opportunity to enter as well. Our real goal is to provide for players who seek a competitive outlet in gaming but lack the resources to start on their way to higher-levels of competitive gaming.

If you would like more info as it comes, there is a group discussion on our site. (http://weirdosxxxx.com/gaming-forums/)

The more positive vibes we get from people, the better we can make this league. Thank you for your support!