View Full Version : One after another ? Help me understand.

01-20-2018, 06:31 AM
I'm a mere level 18 PvP. But I've started to run into one after another, more subtle spammer hackers. I will be posting screenshots once I'm off the computer and back on my mobile. Long story short, every time I summoned one card and depending on what car I summoned the opponent would summon a minimum of 3 cards. So to sum this all up...If you play this game enough you automatically know what card is and how much energy it cost...wasn't adding up at all. Sometimes they were using MINIMUM of 11-13 energy every 15-20 seconds. Thank you ahead of time guys for your input. Have a good one.

01-20-2018, 01:06 PM
Tell that to all these people telling me there are no hackers and git gud. I have a thread about this called the ways hackers fool you. Also i reported over 300 hackers and meet many daily even at rank 46.