View Full Version : Game broken after last patch?

01-20-2018, 01:25 AM
Hi everyone.

I just wanted to check with others, how does the game feel for you after the last patch?

I am on PS4, and something feels off. It is hard to describe, but the best definition would be the lack of "feel" if that makes any sense.

1.Sound feels weird and often I can't hear weapons at all. Or footsteps and other sounds as well.
2. Fighting seems rather strange. Sometimes it is like players get 1.25x speed when compared to what should be. And it is not lag definitely. Also , many of my imputs don't register and nothing happens. Other times, even when I hit opponent, he doesn't get any damage or too little damage.
3. Strange little bugs such as paint pattern resetting on my Valkyrie, getting no gear although my inventory is empty, or slower leveling then usual.

I apologize if I am not able to explain it better. I hope you get what I mean and include your experience as well. Do you have same issues?