View Full Version : Dammed if you do, dammed if you dont

01-19-2018, 11:36 PM
I believe people are calling these '50/50' combos. Raider zone into tap. Warden sb into gb. Shaman/musha unblockables soft feinted into gb. These combos leave you with one option. Take damage. They rob you of the ability to defend yourself. It turns the fight into a guessing game rather than two people having an actual fight.

If you play as a character who has long startup times (one of the absolute most ridiculous decisions the devs made for this game) youre just screwed when it comes to feint spam (since you are left wide open for a gb during lengthy startups). Not to mention the whole mechanic of uncounterable gaurd breaks, like when you go to parry gb someone, dont lunge forward for whatever godforsaken reason, then they recover and get a free gb that you cant counter. Makes sense.

If there were some kind of significant penalty for spamming unblockables and feints and gb constantly it would change the way people play this game. It should be much easier to run out of stamina and leave you much more vulnerable when you are oos. This game should be about timing and reading your opponent, not running through the same tried and true cheese combos to win every fight.

01-19-2018, 11:46 PM
The real issue is two things:

- The DLC heroes have faster feint recoveries in general, but it became set in stone with the Gladiator. Gladiator can spam feint like none other.

- The OG heroes have slower feint recoveries so if you misguessed an attack and it turned out a feint and you thought to parry, before your own feint is over, you'll eat a GB.

Speeding up feint recoveries on the OG roster is a solid way to go to counter the DLC heroes more effectively.

As for the softfeints into GB, I personally don't think they are a problem. They add a nice 'chess' touch to the combat. It's like playing chess. You know the opponent can attempt them, and it falls on you to read your opponent's pattern. Whether they'll go for the softfeint or not. Imo, it makes combat a lot more rewarding when you guess it right.