View Full Version : Kicked into spectator mode?

01-19-2018, 02:09 AM
PS4 playing dominion on the gauntlet map. I chose my hero, the vs screen loaded up properly.

As soon as the map intro started my screen went gray and when it came back on I discovered that I'm in a "spectator like" mode only I can't move the camera at all.

I was replaced on the team with a bot and all I could do was watch from afar while my friend, whom I was grouped up with, played the match.

Also while I'm writing this I may as well add another problem I had. Playing dominion as warlord, with my self- revive feat unlocked any time I'm executed i can't use the camera. Normally I should be able to spectate teammates but if I'm executed with the self revive feat unlocked I can only stare at my lifeless body while the timer counts to zero. Not even able to move the view at all.

Thanks for reading.