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01-18-2018, 11:50 AM

I'm new to this forum and I have JD2018 on SWITCH since Desember 2017.

I have some ideas about additional features which could make this game even better.
Excuse me if these ideas have already been discussed in previous JD version forums.

1. Better overview about top scores.
It would be good to have more functionality about high scores, for example:
- list of songs with higest rated top score song at 1-st position and lowest rated top score song at last position with possibility to choose "dance" right from this list.
- list of high scores for/per each dancer card - each dance card owner can check their best and worst top score songs and improve them right from this high score list.
- playlist or list of "Megastar" songs, "Superstar" songs, 5 star songs, 4 star songs etc. -> to give possibility to choose for example only songs which have top scores with 3 stars and dance these to higher levels.
- Country high scores -> list of songs with the name/dancer card of the local (country) high score owner. This would improve motivation between players in each country.
- World high scores-> list of songs with highest top scores in around the world with the username/dancer card of the top score owner. This would improve motivation between players around the world.

I know that country and world to scores are already now available, but this visible only song by song, and doesn't give much overview.

2. Personal best (PB) notification - this is even more needed function in my opinion, this gives more motivation to players who aren't always setting high-scores (like myself :rolleyes:).
Explanation- after finishing dance you will get results as now, but if some of the dancers have improved their personal best for this song, then there would be "PB!" behind their name, even if this player is last one. This gives more positive feedback to players that "hey, I didn't make high score, but I did my personal best!".

I think these improvements would make this game even better / more attractive and more users would choose JD Unlimited subscription.

Please comment or add some of your own ideas.



01-18-2018, 02:24 PM
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01-18-2018, 08:46 PM
Great suggestions. :-)

I would really love to see a Personal Best label whenever you improve upon your own score. I know approximately what my best scores are, but not exactly. I occasionally leave the dance floor just to check if my last score was a new high score or not. If there were a PB label as you suggest, I wouldn't have to do that any more.

I always wondered why they don't post the scores for every dance on the Just Dance website (or a new Just Dance website just for scores). For one, it would bring regular traffic to their website, which would help whenever there are announcements (like new songs, like the World Cup coming up, or like a new version of Just Dance being released), it would help to spread the word. It could even pay for itself by including a little advertising space.

They put up hundreds of scores during the online World Cup qualifications on the Just Dance World Cup website, so evidently it could be done. (However, I experience a little functionality issue scrolling through the World Cup scores. It's not quite as good as it could be.)

Using a website to display scores, there would be less internet traffic that is simply checking high scores from Just Dance directly from the game console. Plus, they could post more than just the top 5 scores from each country. Online, they could easily post the top 100 scores and let you scroll through them, and you could search for yourself (or a friend) and quickly see all of your own scores. It would be pretty cool. (And then people would share their scores with each other, on Facebook, on Twitter, etc., bringing more attention to Just Dance.)

I do have a suggestion of my own. I like the scoring breakdown that you see after every song on the World Dance Floor. I wish I could see this breakdown on every song, even when I'm not on the World Dance Floor. It's valuable feedback. Sometimes I don't even see the score because my head is turned to the side during a move, so it's handy to have that summary.

I would also like to know how well I hit the Gold Moves. It just says Yeah, which isn't as helpful as seeing Super or Perfect.

01-21-2018, 11:12 PM
Thank you for sharing your suggestions with us! :)