View Full Version : Matchmaking

01-18-2018, 06:00 AM
I love being a Rep. 4 total, only in games with Rep. 30+ people. These people got leagues of experience with me and gear that makes my poor Shinobi even more of a paper thin piece of cardboard trying to stop any steel sword.

I know its not intended right? Console here, and I do love the game. Though in 1v1 duels I get turtles, then in 4v4 game modes, I am ALWAYS out repped and out geared.

Also is there another answer for dedicated servers other than soon or in sometime in Season 5?

Don't tell me its mainly skill based when I can get killed in 3 hits and getting punished for my mistakes is relatively more taxing on me having literally no gear than when I punish the other guy and on top of that he can have his stats all higher so he does have more defense than I?

I also get severely punished for trying new characters since as well I would have no gear because I still get paired against Rep 10+ people?

Its not fun for me to try new characters in this game cause I will get stomped by people who have much more experience than I. At the beginning it was good cause I got into other Rep 0's or relatively low, but even then you'll still get into matches than are "On Par with Enemy" which I call ******** all the time.