View Full Version : Dance of Death feedback

01-18-2018, 05:40 AM
Greetings everyone, as some of you know I took a little (month or so) break from the game. It was rather refreshing but felt good getting back into the game. I really came back in to see how the new game mode is going, and man, I must say it is rather amazing.

Today, I played an incredible amount of this game mode to check it out. After crushing many a foe, I chose to stick around with one of the randos and we played with 1 bot per team against each other for an hour or so. It was honestly easily the most fun I’ve had in this game since discovering Highlander. He was a great sport and a real good dude. The games were pretty close too, both winning and losing back and forth. The Bot dispersion seemed to favor his side more often than mine despite being “slightly lower” which was strange. He got many more level 2 bots than I.

The only other things that aren’t perfect with this game mode are:

Needs better rewards and the spawn points.

Rewards are self explanatory: for amount of time played they are very low, but the spawn points are the only thing keeping the actual play of the game mode back. Each character spawns in at a very specific location making it easy to pin point and cheese before the character is able to react on maps such as High Fort or just in general to get free quick damage in. Adversely, the spawn can be a death sentence if you didn’t know where it was while taking down enemy 2 close to it. You’ll out play the opponent in a proper 2v2 and next thing you know they instantly spawn in getting free unforeseen damage. To mitigate this for both sides, the spawn shouldn’t be a definitive point rather a specific distance from the main fight. Just my opinion. Close enough to come to the aid of your teammate within reason, and keep the 2v2 integrity, which will play more into the added time on respawn per kill more, but also far enough to not be in GB distance after dying on respawn for free damage and not a pinpointed destination where you can exploit the free damage knowing where and when they are coming in. Just my thoughts.