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01-18-2018, 01:58 AM
Please, please developers for the love of all the gods and the flying spaghetti monster do something about Mecha Timmy!!!

This ******* is so OP. His charged ability is sick. For a pathetic 4 energy his range is 5 so he's almost impossible to reach when your opponent does a little effort of defending him and at level 2 he does around 90dmg and has around 300HP. And to top it all of he is legendary so you can almost only get him if you pay money to buy packs. If my opponent plays him, and this happens a lot, my only hope is to get a Power Bind in my hand in time to stop his charge and be able to kill him before his charge starts again. If not, I am dead 100% of the time.

This guy needs a serious nerf and quick. Increase his cost to 6, lower his health and attack, decrease his range, slow down his charge, decrease the mind control time, ... just do something!!! Even if he didn't have a charged ability, people would still play him.

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01-18-2018, 11:19 AM
With hookhand clyde you atleast got rng and he hits a tank or your newkid 50% of the time. After that its over. But this mecha ****ty seriously waaay to cheap and op. His charge is to fast and ****s all over mindcontrol. I agree 10000000%. Mecha timmy shouldnt even be stronger than a level 4 pirate ship or catapult because right now he is. By far.... and thats total bs. If you going to make mecha timmy have way better stats and charge than all other timmies at lvl 4 then atleast give the other legendaries that aswell. Right now no other legendary has this overpowered stats or charge. Wendy is total crap and her charge is neglectable. Sixth element randy cost 5 and he is crap aswell. Witch docter token has okay stats but weaker than lvl 4. Medusa bebe is a litle op, her stats are bit OP aswell. Inuit kenny is trash and worse than cyborg. Grand wizard cartman and manbearpig are trash because spells.... and so on... Except for mecha ****ty he cost 4 energy has stats better than lvl 4 and the fastest most annoying charge ever. People would play hookhand clyde just because of this.His speed is also so dam slow you cant ever reach him and when you do his ability is to fast and you will get mc.

01-18-2018, 02:39 PM
9 out of 10 matches I lose when Mecha Timmy is on the other side. I can't deal with him unless I use a lot of energy. And in that case I will still lose the game. He has no weaknesses. And yes, all the other legendaries are not as strong compared to MT. Even just as a level 1 he is already OP. I don't even wanna know what he will be like at higher levels. Hopefully Redlynx will give him a fair nerf. Less health, lower attack damage, whatever it takes to make him a more balanced card.

02-23-2018, 05:33 PM
Yeah Meca Timmy is a broken card but the dev like him.....
I think they don't play there game.

02-26-2018, 01:08 PM
yeah mecha timmy is worse than stan of many moons for me

at least with SOMM he keeps advancing
i have a shot if i time/play few cards/use enforcer jimmy etc

mecha timmy will just keep hitting in the back

9/10 games i've lost the opponent will have MT in their deck.

like others

bring his energy requirement to a 6 or 7...
he's like better than pope jimmy and pope jimmy can be OP with another legendary

03-18-2018, 06:53 PM
I disagree, while Mecha Timmy is pretty BA (1 of the only 2 legendary I have), he is not entirely OP.

First, your off on his max level 2 stats, as thats where mine is, his attack is only 73 (which is still high, but not 90) and his health is 304. He does have a high range and his charge ability is nice but is actually the shortest mind control effect at 3.38 secs. He does do an awesome job in my games but I don't always win with him. There are many ways to counter him.

Adventure Theme - Lightening bolt is perfect, equal mana cost and quarentee one hit. My second choice right after Captain Clyde. A small gamble, but cost 1 less mana and leaves a body on the field. Usually this is how people kill mine, enemy captain clydes love to hit my mecha timmy. Fireball is another one, if they spawn by their tower or behind another character. And last but not least, kenny. The high 73 attack takes a sec or two longer than most attacks so usually finishes the assassins. Outlaw tweek, although I don't see anyone using him ever. Shaman Token as well, in fact if shaman token is taken over, using his ability will counter the mind control which is kind of stupid. After the nerfing of purify, I thought I would see shaman token more but I haven't especially since everyone ran to poison with people calling it OP (its not, my mecha timmy has grabed poison warcrys)

SciFi- Alien Clyde again usually hits my timmy, but Enforcer jimmy is actually really good, his range gets pretty big at high levels and costing only two and disabling everyone around, one of the best counters. Cyborg Kenny again is a good one, I either face killing my timmy or losing a bar in my tower and damaging him. Alienqueen Red eventually kills him but she cost 1 more and isn't worth it unless there are 2-3 on the field. Either way, using all posions can help and a combination between posions and other area of effect cards does it as well.

Mystic-- Power Bind and purify obviously, Hercules clyde as well, if he doesn't kill him he usually disables him for the remaider of his play time. Healing abilities can easily counter the 3.38 seconds of damage. I've seen people use unholy combustion but thats not worth it. I usually lose to mystic if I am being honest. Usually because its mystic fantasy and fantasy counters mecha timmy with low level assassin combo's.

Fantasy -- Usually combos, like someone following butters, kenny or gnomes. Dwarf King Clyde if you have a clear path. **** Magic but again only if there are more than 1 character on the field.

Neutral -- Rats and birds help counter the mind counter. I've had people play them on me correctly, and its worked.

Either way, mecha timmy is not the most OP legendary character. When played right he is a *****, I steal charge, warcry and deathwish abilities all the time and yet I don't win all the time. I believe Stan of many moons and ninjew kyle are far better than mecha timmy. I've seen ninjew kyle played after the canadian knight ike and robin tweak combo....destroyed me. Stan of many moons followed by arrowhead and the board is nearly clean except my limping awesom-o 4000. All timmy's have the same range, and relatively high attack making them formidable. This timmy just happens to be legendary, and nerfing him would do the rarity system injustice. If people were able to have lv4+ mecha timmy, I would understand, but I don't think I will be getting 4 more copies anytime soon, I don't even know what I would need for a level 4.

P.S. My other legendary is witch docter token and I can't play him cause he is only level 1, also I didn't get my lv2 mecha timmy from paying, I actually got really lucky and just drew him for my first 2 legendary grabs. Getting token was a little of a dissappointment.

03-19-2018, 10:42 PM
I could go over al of your so called counters, but that would make my post even longer. But just the fact that you have the audacity to mention Purify as a counter against Mecha Timmy shows what little thought you have put into it. After seeing which character Timmy has targeted, casting Purify and waiting for the animation to end, you wil have spent 2 energy just to counter the last second of the mind control.

But off course there are counters for Mecha Timmy. I never meant to say there weren't. He's OP, not God. And off course you don't always win with him in your deck. But you know why I know Mecha Timmy is OP? Pure and simple, because I have him and he is always everyones number 1 target. No other character gets poioned or lightning bolted as quickly as him. Redlynx should change how he looks by putting a big target painted on his chest. And why does everybody target him with spells? Because if my opponent cannot take him out, I win, every time! Three seconds isn't long you say? It's enough to get that enemy character storming at your NK to turn around and give you time to put a defensive character on the board. It's enough to disrupt your opponents defense and go for the push. It's enough to take control of a Stan and use his charge against your opponent. That 3 seconds can totally change the match. No other character can stay on the board as long as Mecha Timmy. I've had several matches where he survived for more than 2 minutes. SoMM doesn't do that, at least he has the decency of running into battle to get killed.

03-19-2018, 10:51 PM
Accidental double post

06-26-2018, 05:36 AM
Mecha Timmy just needs two SIMPLE nerfs

First, His charge ability should have the range of angel wendy or pirate ship timmy. NO WAY should he be allowed to mind control someone just spawned right next to their own tower from across the board.
Second, reduce his range so he advances. He already has a knock back attack so getting to him is hard enough. It's too hard when he doesn't move forward AT ALL, AND pushes you back.

Problem solved.