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01-17-2018, 09:22 PM
Hey all, I'm officially hanging up my hat of For Honor until dedicated servers. I don't play PvP due to networking issues. Yes, networking has improved but not enough. I was fed up with DCs and player syncs and migrating hosts in season 2. I have played nothing but BOTS since then, season 2. I was happy to see the level 3 bots but now I only see them when I am with a friend, so my BOT experience has grown quite old with playing mostly level 2 bots all the time. I'm Rep 91, almost made it to 100. A friend and I, the only ones who still play, have been waiting for dedicated servers, and we are hoping this will bring back our 3rd friend, who did not deal with DCs AT ALL. Once this happens, we can play the game against players and finally start to learn and adapt to players once again. We got pretty good for a while but just got frustrated with all the networking. Now we suck because we haven't played players, so we don't get to play any of the new events since they are only PvP. So with all that said, I'm moving on until dedicated servers, which will be "sometime" in season 5. I am glad they are implementing them and finally fixing the game, but it is a little late. The player base has crumbled to a very low number where modes are hard to play due to lack of players. I hope this game does well and I hope it has a bright future. I will be there watching, waiting. I will leave my opinions on what will get me back as a player and what I think what other players may be looking for to bring them back. Feel free to add what you think will bring players back.

-Stop changing heroes. I know we have a lot of reworks in the making. If we aren't getting new heroes, and I'm glad, then we need to balance the ones we got and then LEAVE THEM. I am sick of hopping on after a few weeks and heroes play different and I have to learn new skills or techniques all over again. Wasting my time yo. Let's get these heroes where they need to be and stop, so we can learn them and stay taught yo!

-When you get dedicated servers, you need to broadcast to the world that your networking finally works and basically give the game away. In just the little I played of dedicated, it was a HUGE improvement. I am really excited about them and you should tell the world and give the world an incentive to play it again, maybe the game is $10 and you get free season pass or something to really bring them back.

-Modes,modes,modes. This should be done after the dedicated servers are in place and hopefully this new infrastructure will help with this topic. We need new modes and BIGGER ones. 8v8 at least! I know a lot of people came to For Honor from Chivalry, so you need to get to the same level of battles that they had or you are letting people down. BIGGER Modes will bring people back! I am a huge 4v4 guy and I love how there are two forms of combat in this game, 1v1 and 4v4 or group fighting. I love group fighting and I think others do to. I get the duel aspect, but the community that likes that are the only ones left still playing, you should now pander to the other audience and give us bigger modes with more people. Hopefully dedicated servers allow this.

-Along with Faction War changes(Reward me for sticking with my faction), inventory, salvage and consistent rewards across faction. Small changes to improve the experience.

Don't get me wrong, I'll still hop on every now and again to get my fill, but this game does not motivate me any longer. I have other games to satisfy that itch. I hope For Honor succeeds and I think this is the best melee combat game I have ever played.

01-17-2018, 09:58 PM
I,m with you. I just get sick becaus of unsync,Tons of DCs. ANd since they r tons of afk-farmers play vs bots isnt fun anymore too ( and low LVL bots aswell ) .
I play like everyday this faking nice game , how u said best melee comat game ever, but these issues just brought me a lot of gray hairs.
Btw just play with bots all alone. Just deactive the matchmaking and u will have all Bots in ur lvl ( also lvl3 ) . Its my last thing when i have enough of all these .

01-17-2018, 11:08 PM
ubisoft dont give a ****. they actually gave up on this game long ago, failed miserably, lost 90 % of their player base and moved on. They took the crown from EA for worst company, and looks like they will keep it for a long time.

01-18-2018, 11:58 AM
Do as I do: join groups/clans/communities, introduce yourself, then invite/join others into Custom Match. Make friends. In Custom Match, connections tend to behave better. Not sure about Dominion, I've never done that in Custom. I do Duels, Brawls, and Eliminations.

I know you get zero XP and Steel, but for the sake of being able to enjoy a good match without connection issues and without people ragequitting, I'm always happy to sacrifice XP and Steel for that.

Other than that, I stick to Duels and Brawls in PvP mostly. I rarely do 4v4s in multiplayer PvP anymore. I feel your pain.