View Full Version : Inconsistency in the game.

01-17-2018, 03:18 PM
I just started out, not even 30 minutes into the game, and I had a jump scare that shouldn't have been there.... logically of course. In the supermarket, you have to go to the basement to activate the electric thingy with your LB device, Knowing that you're at a disadvantage on low ground, I barricaded the doors upstairs. There was no possible way for any zombies to come in after me(I checked too! Checked the ceiling, floors, walls, even looked for the smallest crack after this event... Nothing! So on my way back up, theres a zombie at the top that scares the living piss out of me, wasting 6 bullets... There was no possible way for this zombie to be there..... unless...... It's all a dream????......