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01-16-2018, 06:53 AM
First of all this game isn't bad, its new, innovative, fun, and exciting. but It has terrible people in it. Today is day 9 of going through 10-20 servers a day trying to find one that isn't full of people who gang up, run because low health, and teammates that swoop in for the last hit. in my travels I've; been staggered in revenge so I couldn't attack, lost every time I got revenge, had a teammate who played shaman and hid in a bush while we were breaking (it's not like I could leave because then I'd be penalized), had a teammate who literally followed me and waited while I attacked and then would get the last hit so he got points (when I would die he just ran away), and been ganged in every match of every lobby. I want to address the way this game rewards players first. If your team groups up and takes out the stragglers then they get points toward their feats, this means that by the halfway point of some matches one team has all their overpowered feats, while tho other team is still struggling to get their first feat. Revenge has been looked at several times by so many people I'm just going to say that it should be overpowered so that you can win some situations if your a new player (I've been playing since halfway through season 3 and am still relatively new). This game has brought me to tears more times then i care to admit and I think it needs a look at how it rewards players and how it lets people join and leave matches. My final thought is that many in the community are complimenting the Devs for fixing the game. but why are we patting them on the back for fixing things (that should have been fixed in season 2) in season 5? to Conclude I love this game but I hate that after leaving the 20th lobby of day 9, without finding any lobby that I wasn't against an overpowered team, without completing many of my orders, I'm seriously considering whether or not I spent my money correctly

01-16-2018, 09:41 AM
I can understand your frustration and no, i will not, like 90% of the other people say things like: get better - instead, i will tell you what i did about it. I'm playing For Honor since Season 1 and after the start of season 2 i completely stopped playing PVP in ANY game mode. Why? - just because of the things you mentioned in your post, most players are playing dominion because of the amount of XP you get for it, whilst other game modes are nearly dead as long as you're trying to level up your character.

I totally get your point, playing with random players is a pain in the a.s.s - you would be astonished what kind of stories i have for you in store when it comes to stupid people playing this game. Just some examples for you, to make sure you get my point - nearly all of them are dominion related.

So i played dominion in PVP with random players, i'm the type of player, i don't run completely brainless from one kill to another, i'm mostly trying to guard captured zones (depending on which hero i'm playing) - and what do you get for this? - people called me a lazy a.s.s, a coward and so on and so forth. Another example for this stupidity is, one of my teammates was hitting me for me minutes just to make sure that i was MOVING MY A.S.S in his/her words.

To cut it short, i was getting frustrated by this brainless behaviour of people and stopped playing PVP completely, i only play PVP with selected people i know, which i met through the game or are buddies of mine in real life.
Now what i'm trying to say is this: I'm having the MOST fun in this game WITHOUT random players, i level my Characters up against the A.I with friends or alone, i only play PVP against selected people i know. If you are ok with this, you WILL have fun with this game!

It's not necessary for you or anybody else to be a MASTER or a pro player, if you are on PC feel free to contact me via UPLAY under the name you see in my response to you. I'm basically playing without pressure to be the top dog in the house, i'm playing just for fun.