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01-16-2018, 12:43 AM
I spent 99 US dollars on this game. 60 for the game and 39 for the season pass, need you to improve some stuff... Ubisoft especially please read everything... be fair to me as I was to you. (like some people I didn't go out downloading it on torrent and I have both of the steam keys to prove it!!)

1: Character's pupils are out of place when using the Brutal Ultimate move and the Speedster's Ultimate move--why does my character look tot he right, left, up, down (NOT CENTER) while so close to my screen? I would think he would suppose to be look directly at the enemy he is beating up on....

2: animation is awkward. In that when ever traveling up or down a sidewalk he walks sideways, he does NOT face the direction he is walking. Seems my character is only able to face left or right when walking but never faces the direction up or down when he's going up or down on a sidewalk. Holding W key and A key or D key he still faces left or right. I would think since I am holding down W to go UP then my character would face in the UP direction. Do people walk like that in real life? Sideways down a sidewalk? I think not. Please improve his animation.

3: I wish to explore the South Park Mall, Canada, (Why can I not explore the New Kid's basement? ITS MY HOUSE in south park), and behind the SCHOOL please.

4: THIS GAME NEEDS A MULTI-PLAYER OPTION at least up to 2... please

5: the game needs to be harder--its still too easy even on Diabolic mode. Limit fart usage, and make it very very VERY hard to get to use the Ultimate Move in Diabolic mode The harder the mode, then the harder it should be to use fart powers and to use the Ultimate power (it should take longer to charge my Class Ultimate Power for the fight). Make it so I have a Mana bar for farting or something. Farting should be limited at least for Diabolic mode... like you got to charge it in Diabolic mode. I at least expect EXPECT Diabolic mode to be DIABOLIC!! not easy like Casual.... it almost seems like no changes were really made for the new difficulty level, Diabolic, rather HP and Damage were adjusted is all. But the new kid is over powered in this mode and needs to be challenged more. Why is it the King in the Stick Of Truth Fight does not use his hammer? Why does he not use his fart moves? Dragonshout, Cup of Spell, Nagasaki, and Sneaky Squeaker? Why does he not have the throwing weapon that hits 6 targets randomly? Or why does he not have his Katana? That would have been a better boss fight.

6: Make sure the final boss in the next two stories are Professor Chaos for the second story DLC AND Kathulu as the final boss for the third story line DLC. This would make the game PERFECT!!!!!

7: Danger Deck needs a battle editor / Designer fully functional.

8: A modding system that respectfully mods the game without altering game files would be nice as well.

But if no modding system is possible, at least let us play some mini-games. Such as being able to play on the Ocoma games sphere. A South Park game Thirst FOR BLOOD (always curious what this game was. And that detective game in the episode "You're Getting Older" when the 3 boys are on the couch playing that game. And the Heroine Hero where we chase a dragon it say's Catch me come on Catch me" yet we can never catch that dragon... and the racing car game Stan was playing on that same episode... there are a few mini-south park games we can choose from. (a few mini games on the Game Sphere that would be nice. Playing on the swing set sliding down a slide (Would be nice to have some mini-activities in this game) And being able to use the computer would be nice as well. I really would like to get very immersed into the game. The computer we can type notes, type certain things on there, play solitaire email friends in South Park and send emails to other players in real life who play south park FBW... there is just so much more content you can add to this game.

9: A better Character Designer. The one in FBW feels cheap and lazy to say the least. I cannot make my character look exactly like I had him look in Stick Of truth, the skull shirt is not available, I can't change the color of his pants to BLACK.... most all the designer options ARE NOT THERE why not? Why did you exclude it??? Why is there so many fewer options in the character designer at the start of the game??? WHY WHY WHY??? Why can't I change his pants to the color BLACK? Why do I have to use the color dark blue for his pants? Why can I only change the color of his shirt and cape? and why can't people choose to be an Asian race? WHY UBISOFT WHY?

Look Ubisoft right now The Fractured But Whole is rated number 69 positive on Steam community. Stick Of truth is still 97% positive and I was reading comments people don't want to waste their money on a game that is so short and lacking in lots of things that you SHOULD HAVE had. For 60 dollars we need Kathulu as the main final boss, a good happy ending a good long satisfying ending, Professor Chaos as final boss for DLC 2.... lots of Kathulu-type of bosses (Niggorath was one type) in DLC 3, lots of Vamp kids, Chaos Kids, (vamp kids don't even exist in the game right now) and why is there no way to explore the crab people's base? why can't I go to the mall? Why is it so much feels left out of this game???? and why can't we go back down into the Sewer to visit Mr Hanky? Why is most of the school areas blocked? Why is SOOO MUCH OF SOUTH PARK NOT IN THIS GAME?????? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY!?

Dog-gone-it WHY!!!!!!???

Fix it please.

Thank you..

01-16-2018, 11:21 PM
Hey there Cgamelover85! I've moved your post to the suggestion and feedback forums. The technical support forum is for technical issues only. Thank you.

01-18-2018, 10:25 PM
the first 2 (issue 1 and issue 2) were not suggestions they were technical issues.... I probably shouldn't have mixed those first 2 with the rest of it... I really need to get with the times don't I? I'm an old fart.