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01-15-2018, 09:04 PM
Ive just recently started playing as Beserker (rep 3) and to be honest i dont see whats so major about her needing a rework. I can totally kick butt with her. Shouldn't the attention be focused more on Orochi, or Conqueror? I just dont see what needs working on a whole lot with her.

01-15-2018, 09:10 PM
Zerkers deflect is more situational/less flexible than orochi's.
Zerker is worse at whiff punishing against defensive players compared to rochi.
Rochi has several methods to punish whiffs and has a decent amount of counter attacks.

Zerker has poor combo potential. And the armor doesn't matter when you can't really get a hit in against hyper defensive/passive players. even if you whiffed to access it they wouldn't fall for it.
Zerk is in a good spot in lower tiers where people attack more and generally play more unsafe. Orochi does better in upper tier play despite being more simple than zerker. That's why she's getting a rework.

Orochi along with other heros might be reworked later in the year anyway. Kensei, zerker, conq, and highlander are all tagged for this season because in general they're seen by the community as the worst kits in the game.

01-15-2018, 09:14 PM
Berserker is a well-rounded hero, he hits relatively fast and really hard, actually he has the highest damage on single hit (55 on comboed top heavy). But thats it, if you are facing a master turtle, there is very little you can do. You have 500ms lights only on sides, so you will have hard time trying to get past his blocks, and you have no real way (ub/melee) of forcing him to do something.

01-15-2018, 10:34 PM
In 4v4, against average or less players, especially if theyíre playing Assassins, Iíve stacked up over 30 kills with a few deaths on Berserker at times. His kit isnít bad for group fights. He excels at fighting a group of aggressive players due to the dodge attack and endless chain which you can keep going on multiple opponents. He has a very high damage output if you are foolish enough to ignore him. This could lead you to suspect heís overpowered or at least in a good place.

The truth is his effectiveness plummets in 1v1 scenarios against most of the roster if they know how to play defensively.
Boar rush, head crusher, bear mauler then become virtually unusable as they are too slow. This leaves you with spin chop for punishing unblockables etc, and dance of the paired blades, which youíll have to put maximal effort into and hard feint the heavies with. His zone attack isnít bad as a surprise attack but by no means a reliable one to be used regularly. Nobody uses slashing rush, the input is awful and its not worth the risk. Thatís his whole kit. So past using that, you could just guard break and heavy attack after a parry like every other class can.

Lack of openers and telegraphed attacks are his main problem. (He swings wildly and roars as he does so, the polar opposite of peacekeeper). The heavy in dance of the paired blades is 600ms but seems to be very easily parried, so much so that I just canít risk using it against anyone who plays defensively. This means you have to hard feint in order to land any kind of damage, which is taxing on your stamina, and only grants you a light hit if you deceive your enemy. If you manage to feint into a guard break without getting hit then you can land a side heavy, not bad damage and maybe Iíll get a light hit to follow up but then Iím virtually OOS. A parry at this point means dead or nearly dead against most.

We donít want a kit loaded with unblockables, gimmicks, fast light combos and melee attacks. Just some ways to help bring Berserkers damage to bear. When you look at Shaman who has bleed, leap attacks, unblockables, soft feints, fast light chains AND high end damage output, it makes the Berserkers kit look paltry. Even just having the heavy soft feint into guard break or light attack like the Shaman does would make a lot of difference. I donít even want the bleed or ability to then leap on my enemy for mega damage and healing!

Hell, I love him anyway. Rank 38, 2 to go!

01-15-2018, 10:50 PM
Berserker is low tier, he has good damage and great Max punish but No unblockable openers. I would say that conq and highlander are Worse then him. Kensai on par and orochi better.