View Full Version : [My Opinion] 3 things that might improve the game.

01-12-2018, 04:35 PM
The biggest flaw in the game right now is the defensive meta, I think everyone could agree.
I've compiled 3 ideas that might break out of it. Let me know what you think and bear in mind that this is just ideas for discussion. (It doesn't hurt to dream)

1: No Guard Breaks on parry - in my opinion guard breaks on parry are too powerfull, hence everyone is waiting for that parry to gb and follow with heavy and then feint to bait another parry, that result in starring competition. So if you don't get a gb, there is no need to wait for it. If you parry a heavy attack, you can do a free light, if you parry a light attack, you can do a free heavy. Some heroes already have that mechanics (Lawbringer, Berserker boops), but for almost all situations gb is better.

2: More damage on block - I know it has been increase, but in my opinion it needs to be even more, maybe something as high as 25%. This will make any attack useful.

3: Probably most important: Untechable Guard Break - This is controversial bit. Imagine it would be like in proper fighting games, if you don't attack and turtle you'll be grabbed. Same should be applied in For Honor. Now ofcourse the speed of it must be a lot slower, I was thinking along side something like Lawbringer push.

I should mention that my ideas must coexist together to work.

What do you think?

01-12-2018, 04:42 PM
As a console player i agree on first point. Point 2 and 3 disagree with because it buffs the already best classes in the Game. Classes with fast lights and soft feints.

01-12-2018, 05:41 PM
As much as I agree with your points, this does raise the issue for the devs with characters being able to land an attack after a parry. As a Zerk I can land a heavy after ANY parry, whether I'm OOS or not, light parry or heavy. As a highlander player however I can only land a heavy on a light attack parry, but only a light attack on any other parry, and can't punish if I get a parry while I'm OOS. So while yes, we should remove GB after parry, you raise new balance issues of what characters can do after a parry, just give it a little more thought and add to it, I like the ideas for the most part however.

01-13-2018, 03:38 AM
Just #1. the other two points won't help the overall combat balance of the entire roster on a long-term run.

01-14-2018, 12:03 AM
1. No revenge in 1v1
2. Cool down for GB
3. Some heroes should not be able to parry. You wanna try to parry poleaxe with a knife? Ridiculous.
4. Some heroes shouldn't be able to throw/push other heroes
5. Hyperarmor for big guys wearing armor, not skinny dudes in rags
6. No hero should be able to kill another heroe with 2 strikes only
7. Ganking at spawn should be resolved somehow.
8.Damage stats should be balanced better. Why small weapons have generally higher dmg stats when compared to claymores, poleaxes, longswords?
9.Stop introducing new assasins/hybrids. We need more vanguard/heavy options.
10. Hero reworks. Warden anytime soon? I have more fingers on one of my hands than he has moves. Playing both , Warden and Kensei, Kensei is better swordsman easily. Yet Warden didn't get priority. Not to say that Kensei couldn't use rework, quite contrary, however he does provide me with much more options when fighting, thanks to great faint game, long reach and superb stamina managment.
Warden needs dodge/side attack, he is almost only swordsman missing that crucial part of moveset. He cannot keep up with new breed of heroes.