View Full Version : Nobushis Second Wind Animation issue

01-12-2018, 04:22 PM
been playing with nobushi a little till monster hunter launches and have noticed something about her Second Wind.

when Raider, Lawbringer, Warden, Kensei, Shaman(wtf assasin with second wind???) use the Second Wind they have that short animation where they just shrug their shoulder wich takes probably around a second and then they are in stance again.

so when Nobushi got stripped of Blissfull respite it got replaced with Second Wind. fair enough.


Nobushi still playes her Blissfull Respite animation when activating second wind. and blissfull respite animation takes a considerable longer time to play out and leaves her open way longer.

this should be swapped with that shoulder shrug animation to make it even with all the other characters.

some may say its not a big deal and for the most part thats true but in a thight situation every moment counts.
As of now Nobushis second wind is less usefull than other characters second wind and i think it shouldnt be hard to swap the animation that is played upon activation.