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01-12-2018, 03:12 AM
OHELLOTHERE! I'm back again with some more Execution concepts. Only this time, instead of just our favourite Season 3 Heroes, it'll be for a full house.
Only one Execution each, though, as goes the norm for an Execution release patch.
This post will have a slight twist in the sense that these Executions will have their animation length labelled beside them to help your imaginations picture just how long the bloody carnage will last for.
As always, the part where the Execution is deemed successful (revives are denied and you're rewarded with a bit of health) will be marked in *bold asterisks*. So sit back, relax, and enjoy depicting the massacre.
You never know; maybe Ubisoft themselves might be reading this...fingers crossed!


The Warden
'Knuckle Duster' - Short length: After carving their longsword into their victim, the Warden starts by swinging a brutal left hook into the opponent's right cheek, stunning them and making them completely at the Warden's mercy.
Then, gripping the longsword by the middle of the blade, the Warden tears it free, causing the victim to collapse to their knees. Without mercy or delay, the Warden them brutally *smashes the hilt into their foe's face, crushing their skull and killing them instantly*.
The Warden then tears the hilt free, the enemy crumpling lifelessly to the floor.

The Conqueror
'Fooled You!' - Long length: The Conqueror begins to wind up their flail, their foe seemingly awaiting the strike. However, the Conqueror surprises the enemy by throwing their shield straight at their face. In a shocked heartbeat, they catch the shield in the nick of time, where they stare at it dumbfounded for a few moments, confused by the Conqueror's plan.
They are too late to discover, as the moment they look back at the Conqueror, they swing the flail at the enemy, *crashing into the side of their face and rupturing their skull*. They stand upright and stiff for a few moments, unaware they are dead. The Conqueror casually wanders up to them, and takes the shield from their cold, dead hands, pointing their flail handle at them and laughing cruelly as they collapse to the ground.

The Peacekeeper
'Beg for Me' - Long length: The Peacekeeper tears out her arming sword, and brutally slices her foe across the belly, eviscerating them and causing them to crumple to their knees with a cry.
Sheathing her sword, and hiding her dagger behind her back, the Peacekeeper approaches her victim, and gently crouches down. Examining their agonised state, she reaches out with her free hand, gently cradling their cheek in a somewhat nursing manner, before she viciously *stabs her dagger directly through their eye, puncturing their brain*.
She then carelessly shoves them from her blade, and draws her arming sword, once more.

The Lawbringer
'A True Execution' - Medium length: The Lawbringer rips out his poleaxe, jabbing the buttspike into his victim's gut. They clutch their stomach, and drop to their hands and knees, weak and robbed of air.
Striding to their side, the Lawbringer takes his poleaxe in a two-handed hefty grip, and brings it down like a guillotine in an almighty swing, *decapitating his victim*.

The Centurion
'An Honourable Death' - Short length: The Centurion tears his gladius out with so much force, that his foe stumbles forward clumsily. Standing aside, the Centurion roughly grapples their left shoulder, and forces them down to their knees.
Weak, wounded, and losing blood, his foe can do naught but drop to the ground, and await their fate.
With two hands, the Centurion takes his gladius in a reverse grip, and *plunges his blade into his victim's neck*, before effortlessly tearing it free, the paralysed foe dropping onto their front to succumb to their wounds.

The Gladiator
'Twist & Shout' - Medium length: With their trident in the foe, the Gladiator promptly rips it from the victim, before backhanding them with their buckler, causing them to spin and have their back to them.
The Gladiator then locks the haft of their trident across their throat, and turn so they are back-to-back with their victim. Taking their trident in both hands, they lift their victim upon their back, briefly suffocating them, before *harshly jerking once and snapping the foe's neck* with a bloodthirsty shout.


The Raider
'The Double-Tap' - Medium length: The Raider rips out their Dane axe, and brings the pommel down onto their victim's skull twice with wet, skull-shattering cracks.
The brutal assault causes the victim to stagger clumsily onto their knees, concussed with an unholy number of skull fractures.
The Raider then capitalises on their victim's comatose state by swinging their greataxe horizontally, *severing their head* and sending the now-headless corpse crashing onto their side.

The Warlord
'Chiropractor' - Short length: Determined to end this quick, the Warlord brutally shield-punches his foe off his blade, their nose breaking with a loud snap and sending them onto their backs, barely able to writhe in pain. Taking his shield in both hands, the Warlord bounds onto his victim, brutally slamming his shield down onto their throat, *crushing it with a cacophonous, wet snap, and killing them instantly*. He takes a moment to spit on their corpse, before abandoning their body.

The Berserker
'Skulls for My Throne!' - Medium length: The Berserker uses their right axe to frenziedly slice their victim's throat, jetting gouts of blood onto themselves. The foe only clutches the bleeding wound, unable to prevent the Berserker from brutally hacking the left axe directly into the top of their skull, the savagery pushing them onto their knees.
On the brink of death, they are ultimately dehumanised, as the Berserker finishes off with a final chop with the right axe, *violently decapitating them*.
With a blood-crazed howl, the Berserker raises the severed head high into the air, raining blood down onto himself as he screams to the heavens in Icelandic, before claiming the severed head as a new trophy.

The Valkyrie
'Kidney Failure' - Short length: The Valkyrie pulls her spear free from her hapless victim, and brutally impales her victim twice, *splitting both kidneys and inflicting fatal internal damage and profuse bleeding*. The victim stares in shock as their entire lower region is rapidly soaking in blood, staring once last time at the Valkyrie before they collapse to the floor, unconscious and rapidly dying of blood loss.

The Highlander
'The Guillotine' - Medium length: The Highlander backhands them off his claymore, causing them to collapse to the ground on their front, and begin attempting to crawl away.
Walking to their left side, he brings his claymore up, and slams the tip down into their right forearm at an angle, pinning them in place.
Squirming and struggling to no avail, the Highlander takes his stuck claymore in a two-handed reverse grip, and slams it down like a guillotine *severing both right arm and head in a bloody, messy motion*.
He then rips his sword free from the ground.

The Shaman
'Open Wide!' - Short length: Pulling her hatchet free, the Shaman sadistically stabs her knife into her foe's belly. Then, taking it in a reverse grip, tears it upwards, vertically vivisecting her foe. Upon reaching their throat, she rips out her knife, and *plunges it into the top of their skull*. From there, she tears the blade free, her foe's defiled and mutilated corpse falling to the floor as the witch licks the blood off her blade.


The Kensei
'Watch Your Step!' - Short length: Tearing the nodachi free, the Kensei sweeps their foe's legs out from under them, flipping them hard onto their backs with a bodily crash. Giving the victim no chance of recovery, the Kensei then brutally *stabs the nodachi down into their stomach*, then tears it outwards in a blood-smeared flourishing arc.

The Shugoki
'Oh, No You Don't!' - Medium length: The Shugoki roughly headbutts his victim in the face, sending them sprawling on their front. Dazed and desperate to survive,
they begin crawling for their weapon. Seeing this, however, the Shugoki walks to their side, and callously stomps on their reaching hand with his right foot.
The two lock eyes for a brief moment, the Shugoki shaking his head at them in a reprimanding manner, before lifting his left foot, and *stomping on their head, crushing their skull*.

The Orochi
'You Have a Go' - Long length: With their victim weak and dying, the Orochi decides to have some fun. Tearing the katana out, the Orochi throws it into the hands of their opponent, mockingly beckoning for them to try and kill the now-unarmed Orochi.
Staring dumbfounded at the katana, the dying victim takes a clumsy diagonal swing. The Orochi counters my catching the katana guard with the left hand, and sharply chopping their victim's throat with the right hand.
Staggering backwards, the victim musters an angry shout, attempting a diagonal slash from the opposite angle. The Orochi sidesteps, and with a mocking laugh, gives the victim a belittling slap to the face.
In a final attempt, the victim goes to thrust the katana into the Orochi. Catching the foe's hands, the Orochi effortlessly manipulates the victim into *stabbing themselves clean through the heart*. With a final laugh of amusement, the Orochi elbows the victim off their blade.

The Nobushi
'Pole Vault' - Short length: The Nobushi kicks her foe off her naginata. Then, rearing her arm back, throws the samurai polearm like a javelin, *skewering her foe through the heart and fatally wounding them where they stand*. Unfinished, she bounds over to her naginata, grabbing the handle, and propelling herself over her victim like a malicious pole vault.
The victim is consequently pushed to the ground, before the blade is torn out of their chest in the process.

The Shinobi
'Gasping for Breath' - Long length: The Shinobi hurls both kusarigama around their victims neck, however, the blades do not touch them. Instead, the chain/rope coils around the victim's throat.
Leaping over the victim, the Shinobi then puts both feet upon the victim's back, forcing them onto their fronts. Their victim struggles as the Shinobi continues to brutally choke the life out of them, feebily clutching at their necks and their legs kicking out weakly. Mere moments later, the Shinobi gives one last final tug, and *the foe ceases to struggle, their neck broken, and every last inch of air suffocated from their lungs*.
With their victim asphyxiated, the Shinobi rolls forward, uncoiling their wicked blades from around the corpse's throat.

The Aramusha
'1000 Cuts' - Medium length: Capitalising on his profession of overwhelmingly-fast attacks, the Aramusha tears his katana from his victim, and delivers a total of six horizontal, diagonal and vertical slices in random order, carving into his victim and inflicting horrendous damage.
His victim stands sliced, bleeding and paralysed in agony. Spinning both katanas in his hands in his typical arrogant fashion, the Aramusha then delivers two scissoring blows to the shoulders, *dismembering both of the victim's arms in a spray of blood*.
They stand delirious and somewhat void of any pain. Deeming no more use in prolonging the inevitable, the Aramusha simply scythes both katanas outwards, decapitating his foe.

Phew! Well, that was fun! With Season 4 nearing its end, hopefully some new Executions will come before Year 2 rolls out! Hope you enjoyed the read; let's see if we can get some higher-ups to read this!

01-12-2018, 03:30 AM
Your thread, good sir, was an ecstatic read and a pure pleasure to imagine them all in my head. They truly take For Honor's executions to a whole new, gory level. And I tend to think each one fits its respective character. Kudos for writing all that.


01-12-2018, 12:12 PM
I'll comment for only the characters I play, so I hope that will be acceptable:

Peacekeeper - Peace Through Superiority
She releases the arming blade allowing the opponent to begin falling backward. While they are teetering she stabs them four times with her dagger in the other side of the chest, then ripping out the arming blade just before the corpse hits the ground.

Valkyrie - Helicopter Landing
Valkyrie pulls her spear free as the body immediately crumbles to the ground before her. The spear is raised high into the air and twirled with one hand expertly, then slammed down into the back of the neck after four rotations. To free the spear she steps on the back of the corpse's head and pulls.

Highlander - Brutale Sweep
Pulls sword free and, with a mighty grunts, swings low and takes off both legs of the enemy, chopoing them clean as the remainder of the opponent falls. Then the Highlander pulls the blade overhead with a single motion and slams down, chopping the head off.

Kensei - Honorable Death
In the vein of Seppuku, the Kensei steps close with the nodachi between himself and the opponent, as if to whisper a farewell. Then he slices the belly open and quickly steps around as the opponent falls to their knees. Without hesitation the Kensei then slices the head clean off.

Orochi - Amakakeru-Ryunohiromeki
I probably got that wrong, and the name would probably have to be changed anyway. The Orochi pulls his katana free and quickly delivers the nine directional cuts as explained in Rurouni Kenshin. As the body falls the Orochi gives the blade a twirl and then sheathes it.

Conquerer - Slam, Duh Duh Duh
The Conq hooks the back of the left leg and pulls, forcing the opponent to the ground, back of their head first. Stunned, they don't move as the Conq steps around and slams their shield onto the opponent's face, perhaps twice for verification of death.

Shaman - Dominance is Love
The Shaman moves in and takes the opponent into a kiss, with her dagger hand holding their head in place. Meanwhile her axe is slowly raised and blood leaks from the enemy's face, because she's biting them of course. Then the axe comes down into their head, between the Shaman's face and hand, splattering her with blood.

01-12-2018, 11:42 PM
All these executions deserve more eyes on them!