View Full Version : Ranked System Matchmaking

01-11-2018, 10:15 PM
So, for the last couple of days i have been playing lots of ranked games , and unfortunately i came up with a negative conclusion.
Just for the record, i have overall 20 rep scattered around all heroes, and i am placed bronze 5 .

When i join a ranked game, most of the time i am placed with ''Unranked'' guys with 100/150 rep.
Before you start whining about this post , consider this for a bit.
A guy with 5/10/20 overall reputation can not be experienced like a dude with over a hundred, so thats kinda bad for the newbies, they get demoralized by this fact and quit playing ranked. I dont really know how this matchmaking works but in my opinion guys with so many reps shouldnt play with low ranked people. I think reputation should be consider at least a bit in matchmaking system.