View Full Version : For Reskin Year 1 - Summary

01-10-2018, 08:25 PM
Everyone is talking about balance stuff etc.
Let's take a look on Year 1 armors & weapons.
1) Weapons
They did a good job with weapons. Only one thing that was bad: 70% of all new weapons were golden (I mean material).
2) Armors
Now we have the biggest (cosmetic) problem in this game...
Let's start with good things.
Helmets were good and this is the only one good thing about armors.
Spikes, blades, spikes, spikes more spikes and more blades... RESKINS. This is how you can describe everything below the helmet.
All this season 1 to 4 armors should be in season 1. I hope they will add actually NEW armors in year 2, not another reskins.
Keep doing this great job with weapons but ffs do something with this armors.

01-10-2018, 08:49 PM
I agree. I remember been disappointed with season 3 armour and been told that we where never promised new armour variations and that the re skins should’ve been expected, or something along those lines. Then at the same time been told that season 4 would bring brand new variations and not just reskins as the devs apparently had heard that we the community where less than impressed with the armours been made. We got re skins again sadly. Don’t have much hope for future, but have seen members state that making armour is apparently one of the harder things to do.

01-10-2018, 11:01 PM
My biggest gripe is that those reskins suck. I am a designer who works with 3D models all the time, so I do not buy their excuse of "it is impossible to do anything other than spikes". That is horsecrap.

As long as they maintain the main mesh covering the body to be same they can do whatever they want. They can add ornamented details on top of the mesh with no issues. Even yet instead of super lazy spikes, they could actually create custom bump maps to display at the point of spike that would look like a real ornamented detail. Before any clueless random says it is for optimization, it is also horsecrap. Bump map details wont choke the graphics, it is shadows and light calculations and particles that choke.

At this point design language moved towards WoW~esque shinies too much anyway, same for effects and emotes; so probably doesn't matter much.