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01-10-2018, 07:02 PM
Note: This is the comment read by me to the another thread.


If there is a story mode, i think it can be slightly offer role playing experience to the player with creatable and customizable characters and minimized cinematics like Bethesda's Skyrim, that type of game will avoid spending for voice of the characters (because main character has no voice and game has few cinematics) and Ubisoft will answer for gamer's expectation with minimal spent than other Assassin's Creed games.*

About the ships, there must be historical ship types like Dutch fluyt, Spanish or Portuegese galleons, traditional Indian, Native African, Native Asian or Arabian ships and Chinese junks along with the game's original brig, frigate and sloop.*

Avoid automatic boarding system at all costs, multiplayer or story mode, game must have boarding system similar to the Black Flag and Rogue and about the character's movement outside the ship in story mode, solo mode or in multiplayer. Player can't be able to travel large cities because they are wanted pirates, although they can't visit these cities but they can buy upgrades for ship and sell their stolen goods there from the menu inside the captain's cabin, but they must be able to visit coastal towns, settlements, pirate hideouts and small fortresses some of them can be taken by our fleet like forts in both Rogue and Black Flag. Yes in solo or story mode, we must be able to establish fleet of our own.*

About the crew, player must choose them, not automatic selection. For example we must able to choose or quartermaster or scouts, these crewman have different skills, faces and gender of course. And we must have older feature of Black Flag; diving and exploring small islands for hidden treasures.

And last one is privateering, privateering is a important part of piracy and when we sign privateering contract with a faction and attack their enemy; our reward must be more than regular piracy.

Thanks for your time.

01-12-2018, 11:53 PM
Totally agree, this is really important, I'm not that bothered about story mode as long as the multiplayer solo missions have a story too it like other multiplayer online game such as Lotro, stwtor, star trek online, I know these aren't good examples but they do have a story to the solo missions, the rest I absolutely agree with as I feel you player base after a couple of weeks will see a serious decline as being stuck on a ship can get tedious and although it may be a really good game, it is the content of the game that may be its downfall if you are not able to do more than sail your ship.

02-16-2018, 02:05 PM
these are my ideas for skull and bones hope you liked!
-Easy and simple to understand tutorials
-lots of stuff to do in battle not only kill enemies and loot.
-maybe battle is set in parts like the parts like loot catch time, maybe a time where you can try to attack others loot as much as you can.
-costumization of the most important parts of the ship in my opinion the most important logos of the ship and maybe change the look of the cannons but that will change ship type kinda be good for the developers to choose so costumazation.
-if you lose dont just get out of the battle that will be boring why not a fast map camera view mode to go around the map with the mouse or keyboard thats cool isnt?
-maybe more types of multiplayer mode like a the winner is the last one that survived the battle is the winner.

you can make alot with skull and bones just get the ideas flow!