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01-10-2018, 04:59 PM
Developer Update 10/01/2018

Hey, everyone! Steve from RedLynx here with another Developer Update! This one has a few interesting bits of info about what’s coming today, this week, this month, and beyond. Things have been a little quiet over the holiday season, as much of the team took time to be with their families and enjoy the holidays, but now we’re back at it, and trucking forward on improving Phone Destroyer with even more of that fiery RedLynx passion! 🔥😎

Our next update isn’t too far off, but it is PACKED with awesome stuff - including some BIG game changers! 💥 So, it’ll still take a bit more time to finish and test.
We’re adding new features (some of which were mentioned in AvrgGuy777’s awesome video about improving the game), making huge improvements, and making Phone Destroyer even more rad than before. I can’t spill the beans yet, but there will be some very Teams friendly 😏 things coming! I’ll get into how else we’ll be improving a little bit down below, but the REAL details will come in the notes for that update.

So… what’s new?

I’ve been seeing a lot of folks mention matchmaking as a bit of a pain in the ***, so after discussing the issue with the team, we’ve decided to jump on this as fast as we can. ⚡

Right about NOW, we’re putting an improvement to matchmaking live server-side. You likely won’t notice the implementation in any way, but you’ll notice the impact. Normally, matchmaking attempts to find you a match quickly 🏃 - in order to do that, you’re able to matchmake with users that are +/- 5 ranks of you. Now, our matchmaking system will spend more time trying to find someone your rank, and will conduct more searches for players your rank than before, before “giving up” and moving on to expand its search to players of other ranks. 🔍

We’re going to continue to improve the functionality of matchmaking to make it more fair and even, but for now, this should definitely help.

More goings-on this week include a bit of a change to our weekly stream. Rather than coming on at 7 AM Pacific, we’ll be moving to 8 PM Pacific time. That means we’ll be on pretty early here in Helsinki, but we’d like to give our Friday events more of a showcase AS THEY GO LIVE in the future. So if you’re in Europe, snag a cup of coffee with your ol’ buddy Steve, and watch with breakfast in bed! ☕☀️

People have also been asking for a Fantasy event, and I’m stoked to say there will be an event this weekend that features Spells and Fantasy cards! It should be pretty sweet, and will allow you to score some Fantasy loot, and more awesome stuff. ⚔️ For those users who haven’t yet hit Rank 15 and unlocked Fantasy, you might want to get there before Friday! Unfortunately the event won’t be live yet for THIS week’s stream, but we’ll be showing off the cards it’ll use, so be sure to tune in! 🛡️ You can find us on Twitch via the username SouthParkPhoneDestroyer! (http://twitch.tv/southparkphonedestroyer) 👍

Bad news first. On the 22nd of January, we will have an 8 HOUR scheduled maintenance starting at midnight (0000 UTC). 🛠️ All Ubisoft online services will be unavailable during this period, including our beloved South Park: Phone Destroyer. It’s unfortunate, but very necessary. 😿

Now… for the good stuff! This month, we’ll have a few rad events for you all, and we’ll be giving season-end prizes to all of our Legendary players according to their rank! That means we’ll be having a Legendary Rank Reset! 😻 Top players will receive exclusive prizes, and all the prizes for every tier below theirs in Legendary! 🏆🎁 We’re still working to figure out exactly how long a season should be in the future (lots of things to factor in here, as you all know!)

We will also be announcing what the precise prizes for each Rank group will be very soon! The end of this season will be February 1st! (Sure, not technically this month, but it’s pretty darn close…! ;) ) So if you’ve been sandbagging, get it moving, my dude!

Another big change coming to Phone Destroyer has to do with the stability and reliability of PvP matches, and the ability to prevent cheating or other unwanted player behaviors in PvP. 👊

Improving this element of the game is our absolute top priority, as it truly is the heart and soul of Phone Destroyer. 💖 I mean, who doesn’t love crushing their enemies and seeing them driven before them in fair, balanced, and stable matches…?! 😏 Obviously, making changes to the PvP system is a massive undertaking, and a quite complex task, so this will take time to fully come to fruition, and be done in stages so as to keep improvements as timely and steady as we can get them. “What are these changes, my dearest Steve?”, you ask? Well, you’ll be happy to know that we decided to make the investment of time and resources required to move critical elements of PvP server side.

This will be an ongoing process, but the first phase will take place with our next content update in the near future. It’s gunna be sweeeet because this change should help us to improve PvP drastically over time, and greatly limit the occurrence of cheating. I’ll have more info on how this is progressing as we near completion of various milestones! 🗓️

We’ll have more news for you all soon on new events, our next update, and so on, but you can rest assured we are working hard on improvements, and looking forward to the future of South Park: Phone Destroyer!

Until next time, I’ll see you New Kids on the streets of South Park! 😎

Steve 🚀 (http://twitter.com/thatdarnsteve)

01-10-2018, 05:19 PM
Can't wait to hear more about those Legendary rewards!

01-10-2018, 06:00 PM
That all sounds great!

I hope when you say "teams friendly" that includes smaller teams too, not just teams that have a ton of members. Small teams love the game and support it too, even if some of us have trouble making it to double digit membership!

01-10-2018, 07:37 PM

Ok this is a step in the right direction looking forward to the full implementation.

Do you have a general approximation on moving the Cheat vulnerable parts of PVP to server side where it is protected? 1 month 3 months 6 months? Time frame is a bit Vague.

Would appreciate a bit more transparency on this. Given the amount of time this issue has existed where we were told Trollbane would fix this issue which it clearly didn't, and lack of response to that inquiry we kept saying it didnt work but no one would come out to acknowledge that we were right and that you folks would be working on a new solution a lot of time has passed and due to lack of communication or acknowledgement you folks have lost a lot of trust.

The length of time it took for you folks to finally respond to what we have been trying to say the whole time that Trolbane doesn't work and that it needs to be moved server side. Does not give the feeling that

Improving this element of the game is our absolute top priority, as it truly is the heart and soul of Phone Destroyer.

...is really true. That trust is going to have to be earned with more transparency and owning up to mistakes that were made.

We definitely do not want another we will be working on this soon to have another 6 months go by with no effective resolution or even a single reply to our statements that Trollbane wasn't working in the first place.

You folks need to follow up on you claims and promises, you folks said that Buck was brought to the team to answer our questions yet in the forums where we ask questions we do not get replies, so how can you say someone is brought on to answer our questions and then not have follow through.

Also Steve for the Multi Theme deck issue rather than the current fix you folks are proposing, where people can still use the bug could you guys maybe just remove the random deck function till you come up with a complete fix?

No one is really going to miss It and it is how the bug gets used in the first place.

While we appreciate you folks announcing that you will be working on it and soon and its top priority we have all heard that before so please follow though on this and communicate with us along the way. Cause saying you will do something soon and making us wait six month before addressing our questions about a failed system but worse not answering our questions the whole time is really unacceptable.

So I hope this new reach out will have some follow through and you folks will communicate along the way and actually answer some of our questions when we ask in official announcement at the official forums.

Cheers Ty

I hope you reply to some of these questions either here or on reddit.

Saying that you care and just answering a few convenient questions does not show communications you need to come out and answer some of the hard ones.

Do you want to keep losing people slowly or do you want to come and actually talk to us and answer some of the legitimate concerns?

Cause if you want to keep some of the people that are upset from leaving and you want some of the many people who have already left to return it's gonna take some ownership of lack of communication in the past and some effort of communicating in the present and future.

Cause vague dates and promises were given before by you with no follow though after a long period with no reprocess to our questions.

So if you folks truly care as you say you do how about a bit more transparency and communication.

Maybe start with answering some of the questions I ask here which is almost exactly what I asked you at reddit.

TY look forward to your response.Communicating and owning up to some mistakes in lack of communicating wold really help generate some of the trust that you lost.

01-11-2018, 01:12 AM
Speaking of matchmaking, I'm REALLY tired of being matched up against people with the same deck as I have 100% of the time. I've been doing some testing by switching deck types and cards every match, and the outcome is the same as before I started switching, the other "player" has the same type and a lot of the same cards. The outcome should not be 100% of the time if it wasn't being done on purpose.

I say "player" because sometimes I doubt the opponent is human. At an average of about every 5th opponent, it gives me a free win as the "person" is seemingly away. The majority of those I go against, play the same way, place cards in the same spots on the field, and plays just like an AI would. None of them use emotes, I assumed it was because people cried about them so viewing them was taken out, but now I'm starting to think otherwise.

01-11-2018, 01:32 AM
The tinfoil hat is strong with this one. I dunno about you but I go against people who use emojis all the time..

01-11-2018, 11:03 AM
Hey everyone, Buck here.

I just wanted to clarify the Legendary Rank Reset. All players that have made the climb up to Legendary rank and earned that shiny gold shield, will be placed down to Rank 50, following the reset. This should create an exciting race to see who can make it back to Legendary the quickest!

Hope that cleared up any questions about that topic. More info about those sweeeet rewards will be coming soon!


01-11-2018, 11:28 AM
It's nice to hear such news! But recently I had a problem - I was stolen account in Google Play, so I lost access to the game! I turned to the support of yubisoft, the support of the game and to Google, but they did not help. What should I do? It's almost impossible to return the account for the second time, because the hacker changed the password and phone number, and the second-stage check is disabled (in my video - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kTkV05Y-RUg - CAUTION! RUSSIAN LANGUAGE!) . I have no choice but to write to one of the creators of the game! Help me! Mail for communication - vgoralex@gmail.com

01-11-2018, 01:12 PM
I wonder why you use rank alone for matchmaking, it is "meaningless" as long as you get matched with someone 3 levels above you, that means they have better cards than you, and you better close the game and reload (10 seconds) than spend 3 minutes being violated. You should also look for someone +-1 levels.

01-11-2018, 08:00 PM
I wonder why you use rank alone for matchmaking, it is "meaningless" as long as you get matched with someone 3 levels above you, that means they have better cards than you, and you better close the game and reload (10 seconds) than spend 3 minutes being violated. You should also look for someone +-1 levels.

That is actually a really bad idea.

1. Being at a higher level doesn't neccessarily mean better cards. Let's say you have only been upgrading the cards of 2 different themes and your opponent has evenly upgraded all 4 themes. He can have a higher level than you and still have cards in his deck that are less upgraded.
2. A second reason why a higher pvp level doesn't have to mean better cards is that you also gain exp from giving donations. You could donate yourself to a higher level and with your proposed matchmaking system be punished for it by being matched against people who have given no donations and therefor have reached their pvp level only by upgrading cards.
3. If matchmaking is based on your pvp level, you can theoretically reach any rank with any level. I you happen to be the best pvp level 7 player in the world and you only get matched with players level 6-8, you can get to rank 50. In fact leveling up cards could become bad for you.

01-12-2018, 09:49 AM
Then get an average lvl on your current deck or separate pvp matches from those that count for rank and "skirmish" that would count for the pvp packs.

With your response you are saying that this match is perfectly fair...


01-12-2018, 02:28 PM
Are you going to keep a all time rank or just season?
And are you going to give rewards for this ranks or just the ones after the reset?

01-15-2018, 01:46 PM
I've been playing this game for a couple of months now and I love it but my only real problem is the fact that sometimes when I do PVP I'll start the match and the game will freeze and say connection lost when I have service or when I'm connected to reliable Wi-Fi and as a result I lose PVP rank. Now I can except this once or twice but it's happened when I have full bars.

01-15-2018, 08:58 PM
That sounds good, but the real question is , are going to fix Hookhand clyde? because i can still loose a match if the enemy gets lucky to hit ANY of my cards, yea tanks may not die to his warcry but it still does a ton of damage, witch wouldnt be a problem if you could counter hi warcry , but is rng and cost 1(the unit cost 2 + his warcry he cost 3)a warcry that is justa lightning bolt but random,just make him cost 4 or nerf his warcry. This card is still broken(as other cards)and is up to you to fix it

01-16-2018, 03:32 PM
You are still ignoring most of the basic problems in the gameplay

1. Too little deck choices. This is due to the small reward system which basically forces you to spend all your resources on the first deck of cards you get - adventure / mystical with neutrals.
Because you get most of the decks from pvp , you are forced to be pvp competitive for which you have to keep your cards at max level possible. And once you start to invest in the first deck you can not afford to invest into other decks. And here comes catch 22 - all decks are similar, most players play 1 type of cards and thus you will be never able to balance things right, because you will never have a big amount of data about how cards play against eachother.

2. Rewards system is not balanced and favors spending real money! - This is the first game I have ever played that you can spend 24 hours playing and not receive A SINGLE ITEM or ANYTHING for this. Hence you can not progress. PVE progress is limited and locked behind serious progression. No rewards for draw !?!??! I mean WTF - not rewarding games that are about 1/3 of the games is just ridiculous.

3. There is no way for new players to be competitive - new players have to throw money at the game to be able to play above rank 20. How could you let people from beta keep the progress - UNHEARD OF in a pvp competitive game !!!! How will the rest catch up to people who spent 1 year time on the game.

4. This dual commercial bonus is just beyond my understanding. 1 locker extra is 25 % bonus to those players. Basically this game is putting various people in various levels of favor. This is neither balanced nor competitive.

In reality this game is still beta !!! You are making people use money on a beta game. You still "fix" things that should not have been there in the first place. Not using the servers for the game - amazing thoughts and ideas - whats next , not use the server at all !?!!
Couldn't find a decent game out there that does that !!!! Kudos!! You still "test" things and put "software" and "trollbane" that do absolutely nothing. Even makes it worse with "incorrect match results".
You promise things without putting time frame on them, which says it all - you have no idea what to do or how to fix it.
When giving a serious thought about it you probably started to write the code from scratch to put it on the server to fix 2/3 of the ********!

You could have saved your blushes by coming out and admit what everyone now knows and realizes. You could have come out and say that you ****ed up, you are sorry about what happened, say exactly when and how you are going to fix it.... and maybe throw something to the people that SUFFERED from this crap.
But noooo !!!!

All we get is crap - we have plans but we don't know when ! Yeah right !!! I bet that if any normal person goes to his boss and says to him "I have no idea when it will be fixed" You will be done for that job!

Keep going like this and you will lose players and maybe someone will have enough of this moronic fest and decides to take action.

This just keeps going on

01-17-2018, 10:39 AM
+1 pressplay
Everyonenplay this adventure deck... Just nerf it please...
I'm legendary #2000 lvl 14 and in 10pvp fights I have played 8times vs #100 lvl 17... It's impossible to win! Fix this pvp! It's unfair... This game is so unbalance programed...
Looking forward for the next update...
-pvp matchmaking unfair
-ridiculous powerful adventure deck

01-17-2018, 03:24 PM
Two biggest problems currently.

Legendary matchmaking- I was rank 700 and I’m now 1400, why? It’s because I kept ketting matched with the top 1-50 in the world. Sometimes the top 51-99. Just to get three wins would take over 45 minutes to 2 hours because top 1-99 over and over. I have a good clan, lots of world ranked players are angry about this.

The other problem is a pattern with all of our lost matches. One card to rule them all. That mind control Timmy card (not going to say it’s name, that would blasphemy). At lvl 1 he can knock everyone back and mind control until people just eventually quit. I have had at least three people quit my guild because of this. There are OP cards for sure, but when you see complaints over and over and have money spending players quitting because of it, you are losing money and players. I have a saying. If you hit world rank without that card, that means you are a TRUE player who deserves that title.

I’m tired of losing to that card and I’m tired of playing 12+ rounds in a row of world rank 1-50 players when I’m rank 1200-1400 now. I need wins to power up my cards so that I can reach those ranks otherwise it’s impossible to win.

Everyone in my guild/clan would like to see a response about balancing the world ranked (legendary) matches and also that stupid Timmy card. I like to have my own style and not rely on RNG so heavily that I need to get that one card or else I lose for hours and hours.

Together the people in my clan have spent probably thousands of dollars on this game. It would be nice if we could know that it didn’t go to waste. I know the game heckles you for what you spent in single player but seriously, I want to keep playing and we all want the game to be fun again.

01-18-2018, 12:08 AM
Any word on fixing the health bar bounce back issue? What many refer to as rubber-banding? Can't tell you how many times I kill an opponent only for them to bounce back up for one more hit or full health without a spell it anything. It's a bug and happens all the time. Costs matches often.

01-23-2018, 12:22 PM
That means we’ll be having a Legendary Rank Reset! ... The end of this season will be February 1st!

Does this mean that players who are currently in Legendary will drop down to normal PvP ranks below legendary? Or does it just mean they are still in legendary, but the legendary ranking "numbers" get reset?

01-23-2018, 11:59 PM
the thing is it doesn't really matter because those people are level 20 with level 3-4 legendaries.
after the reset, they will receive more cards, upgrades and legendaries.
unless ubisoft does something drastic, which i can't think of what without pissing someone off... things will just go back to the way they are now with some card stat changes and a useless friend battle mode.

01-30-2018, 04:57 AM
Rank means nothing. Player level is so much more significant. I am level 6 and between yesterday and today faced 27 opponents RANKED 4-6 higher than me, not because they donated cards, but because they had many cards level 3+. Enjoy the ****

02-13-2018, 12:32 AM
Does anyone know where #0 Legendary resides? Is it higher than #1 ?? I started off legendary for the second time, this time at #0. The first i was #381

02-15-2018, 10:36 AM
Rank means nothing. Player level is so much more significant. I am level 6 and between yesterday and today faced 27 opponents RANKED 4-6 higher than me, not because they donated cards, but because they had many cards level 3+. Enjoy the ****

It really depends on where you are in the game.
In the lower rank and lower player lvl I agree, the xp you gain is mostly because/thanks to the card upgrades because they don't require much materials so you can upgrade them fast. At this point Player lvl makes a big difference.

In the higher ranks(let's say over 45), people tend to get more xp with cards donations because it's slower to upgrade cards (much more materials required).thus the difference in cards lvl tends to be reduce and you can fight a NK who is +2lv than you and still beat him because his card strength is similar to yours. I am lv15 and in Top 500 Legend (only invested 3$ in the game) and this week only I was able to beat 2 top100 players and multiple lv16-18 whose ranks were either 50 or Legend. It's really a different approach.

That's what makes the matchmaking difficult to balance:
- Based on rank: people who volonrarily stay at lower rank (compared to their card lvl) will still outmatch players that are lower levelled so ppl will complain about card lvl difference
- Based on player lvl: If a dude has a high lvl because he donates more and upgraded 3 or 4 themes instead of focusing on 2 themes, he/she will face ppl the same lvl with much higher card lvl and will complain about how his player lvl don't match his deck lvl
- Based on deck lvl: this is a doop opened for ppl to put lv 1 or 2 cards along their lv5 (hell even lv6) to artificially lower their deck lvl and they will still stomp you.

I don't know what could be the ideal solution, maybe average deck lvl could be more fair but there probably other pro's and con's that I'm not aware of.