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01-09-2018, 01:10 PM
Hi guys, I'd like to share with you (and I hope with Ubisoft too) many ideas that I'd like to see in the game.
We all read that probably this will be just a naval focus game and not a total pirate life experience. Meh, honestly I really hoped I could get off the ship too but ok, so far that we know, let's assume we can't.
With that in mind I would like to suggest a couple of things to better the game, in my opinion of course.

1) let's start about this: if the game it's focussed only on naval fight, it will probably get boring after a short time playing. It seems to me that boarding mechanics is kinda automatic. Create a short strategical fight governable from the players during the boarding, could enliven a little bit the naval system. And with that I mean moving groups of pirates in fight in a position instead of another, use special skills and so on. Not so long but strategical, so the players can fight in board too, not only on sea. In that way pirates will have life. Let's be honest, we all love pirates for their way to be and fight, but not only for ships. watch guys move on the ships with their life it's amazing but after a bit it could be really boring to see them doing same moves during the eternal journey in the sea. You will forget about them and start to just watch outside looking for something else (ship, landscape, sky, enemies) but at that point there will be no differences from another naval game like world of warships for example.
If the main character of the game would be the entire crew of the ship and not just the ship, it could be easiest to manage. Even on land. Moving the crew in groups could create a game on the ground too. Pirates siegeing a city for example, just near their ship. It's not obligatory to explore the entire land world, it's just ok to move our crew on cities and forts, just near the ship (They will never leave the ship unattended) and do some actions. Pirates actions. maybe fight against other crews in pvp or against local people just with the short strategical fight I said before for the boarding. I think this could be a right compromise.

2)If the point 1 is not possible, and the game will be only naval for sure, there's another possibility for the ground. It's obvious that no one of us would like a game where the sea is the only ground we can use and the lands, islands and coasts are just walls where we can just hide behind. We still don't know how the game will be yet, we just saw a gameplay of the 5v5 mode, nothing else, so maybe I'm saying something that's already part of the game but to be sure I just will say it. I'd like to see the ship to interact with the coast. Maybe for landing, docks where I can repair my ship or trade with something or someone or (and that's the point I wanna highlight) to conquer.
If the coasts will have cities, villages, forts near by, the players should be able to conquer and posses them. Just create an amount of points in the huge map where ships can fight against the forts. If a player conquer a fort, or a city or so on, that will provide him a bonus in golds or better trade or other stuffs. The fort can be owned from the player who conquered it or maybe shared with his allies. That fort will be defendend by the ships of the player and his allies in the time the fort (destroyed before by the past conquer) build new defenses (cannons, water traps, more crew). When the defenses are up, they can work as a pve for who wants to conquer that fort again. The momentary owner can just leave and go where he wants and still get the bonus as far as he own the fort. More golds he spend to build the defences and more powerfull they will be against the enemies who want to conquer it. Maybe against a strong fort one ship or one player wouldn’t be enough to take it and it will need more and more players to remove that fort to the owner. What will happen after the new conquest? Who will own the new fort between the attackers? The powerful one? The richest? They will share it? One will betray the others to take it for himself? Those are funny dynamics to create.
Think that a city/fort/what else can be build differently by every player. Maybe the ubisoft can create skins for fort/cities/camps defences for real payments or maybe to add players icons and flags. Everytime a player will build something it will have his personal skin that he bought so the entire world would know that this fort/city is his property and maybe they will not attack it for fear.

3) The point 2 is an example of better renown and honor. I’d like to see a game where the player can create his own story as a part of the greatest story that’s the all stories of the all players and the AI together, and not just a random rank with a meaningless number to reach. It woul be amazing to think “jeez that guy is so famous, he did a lot of things that everyone talks of him, I want to meet him and see his ship” (that’s what pirates want as fame) and not just “uh this random name is the N1 in the rank… for now… ok, let’s see tomorrow”.
It will be really amazing to create that situation. Surely with (and not only) informations in a journal where to learn the best actions done from other players or greatest treasury conquered or the death of a great captain of a famous player, forts/city conquered, alliance created and guilds destroyed, huge betrayal and so on. The pirates life is planty of voices who told stories, great stories of other pirates to inspire courage and fear and will of do the same. Don’t create a pirate game with just a naval fight mode, create a pirate entire world where the player can feel at least to be part of it, even just on a ship. In few words just create a game where people can also be interested in the deeds of others and not just their own.

4) Pay to win. Just don’t. DON’T. DOOOOOON’T. Please create a game totally balanced where the player can play as the same as the others. Use the payment just on the skin mode. Create skins for everything. more ship skins and equipment skins, better icons and flags, maybe fort/cities skins as I said before, crew and captain skins. Or maybe pay for write something on the global journal or something like that. But please, keep the money out from the balance of the game. Want to see that game survive? Just create a competition game (even with pve) but balanced. No Money for win. Just for better look. That’s it.

5)Last but not least. I know you are creating this 5 v 5 mode and pvp cause you are trying to create something that works on Esports too. That’s good, really. I would see a pirate naval fight as Esport, surely better and exiting than fifa or cars race. That’s for sure. But to do that you have to do the most important thing for competition games. Please don’t let people create hacks for your game. I’m really tired to play games where 10 minutes after game release I just see people fly or shooting and killing from nowhere or automatic aim or so on… really… stop that s*it. Wonderful games are gone now for that reason. Why games like League of Legends (you can like it or not, I don’t care, that’s not the point) still have that huge community playing it after all that time? NO HACKS! Please… no hacks, no hackers.

Ok I guess I end my post. Sorry for that long page but I wanted to be sure you would understand what I propose. Thank you for reading me. I’m so excited for the release of this game, I really hope to get in the beta!

01-10-2018, 03:16 PM
Really cool suggestions Horus! I equally think it could be interesting seeing if a game like this could progress into E-Sport territory. I think there's definitely potential for it to have a competitive mode at least.

01-10-2018, 11:16 PM
Thank you ^^
I'm pretty sure of that. Obviously everything depends from how Ubisoft will manage the game, but the potential is evident! think about the strategical mechanics of the sail mode, tattics in fight, cooperation in team or even the 1 vs 1. With the great graphics and the subject of course. I think on what people could see in Esports. I'm sure that a naval fight game is understandable and enjoyable even for people who don't like to play videogames.
(let me dream for a second) speaking of Olympic games for example. The CIO (International Olympic Committee) said the Esports can be considered a sport and this can be a great step forward to reach the goal: watch the Esports to the Olympic games. I totally think a naval fight game can attract a large audience.
Now, backing with feet on ground, just the competitive is not enough, the game need the entire world around, pve included, or that will be just another World of Warship, a game to play for 1 month and then get bored and move on.

01-16-2018, 09:30 AM
Я думаю больше всего все игроки поиграв в игры в вашей версии и в старых корсаров, всем бы больше всего хотелось бы увидеть квесты сухопутную линейку, захваты фортов,порта, я уверен что если вы создадите опрос то за эту тему 70% больше игроков. поскольку аркада 5 Vs 5 быстро надоест и не занимает необходимого количества времени для игры.Спасибо,жду вашу игру с нетерпением.
I think most all the players play the games in your version and in the old corsairs, all would most like to see quests land line, seizure of FORTS,port, I am sure that if you create a poll for this subject is 70% more players. because arcade 5 Vs 5 is very boring and does not take the required amount of time to play.Thank you,wait your game with impatience.

03-30-2018, 09:18 AM
Hey guys, I'd like to share another idea that I always wanted to see in a game but I never found, unfortunately. That idea it's part of the point 3) of my previous post in this topic. The Renown.
It will be amazing if Ubisoft can create Unique, and really unique, tiltes to assign to particular players. Titles who can be owned by just One player at the time, in the entire game (or server, i don't know how the game will be structured). Titles that people can contend to the others fighting and sinking them or maybe winning more or trading more than the others or what else.
- Pirates King (who created the strongest alliance. It can be contested from his allied taking by force or from other alliance's leaders getting better renown)
- The Merchant (The best merchant in the server, the guy who earn more from trades, obviously this title can be contested with more trades)
- Shadow (Best killer in the server, sinking more ships than the others)
- Governor (The guy who hold the strongest fort, if it possible to conquer and upgrade forts)
- And so on...

Every title can be showed with a Unique upgrade on the ship. Maybe a particular flag or emblem, a particular piece of the ship like the figurehead or other stuffs, something that is just about the guy who hold the title and him only can have and show to the others.
It can create a series of achievement like: "Met the -Title-", "Sunk by -Title-", "Sunk the -Title-", "Friend of the -Title-", "Enemy of the -Title-" and of course something for the owner: "-Title- owned", "Time spent with -Title-", "Number of times he owned the -Title-" you get the point I guess.
And the players will try to get those titles or even to met the guys who own it. They can read of their results and adventures.

In other games there are titles of course, but never really unique. Create something like this, something unique who can be contest and it's not just a title written above the ship but something with real effects in the world. Maybe the pirates king have the British fleet who hunt him, I don't know, create something that's enjoyable in that way.

03-30-2018, 11:14 PM
Take away the word pirate then the game is a vehicle based combat game, which there are succesfull titles of various types. So I'm not sure if it's as big an issue as some feel.

While not my dream AOS game if the price is decent I still hope to pick it up, if nothing else than for my kids.