View Full Version : Great ideas for future games and origins

01-09-2018, 08:22 AM
I'd love to see in future games the ability to create a custom assassin den that promotes individuality, along with better character customisation when it comes to outfits. Unity did it well, with the option to have full outfits and gear pieces. But I want to improve it by having the ability to change gloves, vambraces, torso, hood, legs, boots with the options to change the colour as well. I love origins, however I always find myself disliking outfits through little things. For example, I like the pariah outfit, but don't like the helmet or the colour, I'd like the option to have a hood replacement and to change the colour. The same for some of the outfits that have face masks, I like the outfits but then lose the option to view facial features and movements in cuteness and or photo mode. The ability to remove face masks, and to have hood replacements for helmets would for me, greatly improve the quality of the game. Along with the previously mentioned suggestions in future games. If anyone agrees, then let it be known so that we can be heard! Almost forgot to mention, the thing I didn't like about unitys customisation is that you had gear pieces that looked good but were poor levels or dramatically changed gameplay, ie had worse health, stealth etc and had like +5 medicine or throwing knives etc. Would be better to change this by including the option to upgrading gear to equal levels just like in origins along with having gear set bonuses. If you like my ideas, let me know!