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01-09-2018, 01:01 AM
Swordmaster Hero Idea:

NAME: Swordmaster
CLASS: Assassin
DESCRIPTION: Feint, Harasser

WEAPON: Arming Sword
APPEARANCE: Mostly leather and gambeson with a robe around the waist and legs. Plate armor on the knees and left shoulder; also wears a helmet.
HEALTH: 4 bars

1. Slipping Dodge: Can dodge in any direction. During a dodge you can dodge again (think shinobi double dodge) to go through your opponent (slipping dodge). You must be close enough to the target. If not in range you will simply do a second dodge towards the target. After any slipping dodge you can do a top heavy. The heavy is not guaranteed. A slipping dodge can also be followed by a kick to push them forward. The kick is guaranteed and can walk splat.
2. Light Soft Feints: During startup all heavies can change to a light attack in a certain direction (left -> top, top -> right, right -> left) The light is slower than standard ones to give opponents a chance to block. CANNOT be used in chains.
3. Heavy Soft Feints: Same as Light Soft Feints but heavy speed is unchanged.
4. Dodge Attacks: Has two dodge attacks. A light and a heavy version. The light is faster, but the heavy can be canceled into a slipping dodge.
5. Last Ditch: When out of stamina can do a top lunging stab to interrupt the enemy. Forces them back and does half a bar. However it can only be done once per out of stamina and has the stamina drain of a zone attack. If he misses the attack he is knocked down. Has hyperarmor. (Key binding is the same as the zone attack)
6. Deflect Leg Sweep: After a deflect he can do a leg sweep that guarantees him a top heavy.
7. Sprinting Attacks: He has two sprint attacks. He can do a right side light or a slipping dodge.

1. L, L
2. H, L
3. H, H

Swordmaster is meant to poke down his target. Using soft Feints and two hit combos he can whittle his target down. He can keep people guessing by swapping what he will do. The preset direction on his Soft Feints prevents people from abusing his fast Lights. He mainly uses his mobility for defense, for he has a low health pool. When he is out of stamina he can do a last ditch to escape being backed into a corner or just trapped.

Concerns about build and design:
I believe that if this character were to ever be released people would probably say that he attacks to fast or is too safe with his slipping dodges and last ditch ability. That is why there are certain limitations to his abilities. All of his soft Feints come from a direction that is chosen based on the side that he did the original attack. If you can learn the pattern they are easier to block. Some people would say this would lead to 50/50s, and while the ability is technically 50/50 it probably wouldn’t be like Raider’s for example. For one the attack has no unblockables. Most really strong 50/50s have some form of unblockable. This makes it hard to parry on reaction. If you try to parry the opponent does the other option. With this ability it is almost all reaction. As for the Slipping dodge, unlike Shinobi this move guarantees NOTHING. Except for a kick which in turn guarantees nothing, unless if it is a wall splat. Last ditch is also a risky ability. If he misses it he falls over and if he hits it he still loses a lot of progress on getting his stamina back. A player could try to bait out the last ditch (which is a strictly top attack) and then dodge it to get a free knockdown on them. Also it can only be done once per out of stamina so players will have to be conservative with it. Side note: He can obviously NOT do a slipping dodge when out of stamina so Last Ditch is his only major way to get out of a corner.

1. Fall On My Sword: Pull them down so they fall on your sword.
2. Knock Down: Slash them twice across the chest (think Orochi Overkill), stab them through he leg, and then upper cut them to knock them down.
3. Sword From Stone: Stab them in the shoulder with your sword then withdraw it King Arthur style.
4. Merciful End: Hamstring them and then put them out of their misery by slitting their throat. (Says voice line when killing, changes according to enemy hero faction)

1. H = Heavy
2. L = Light
3. GB = Guard break
4. * = Must land
5. A = Dodge
6. -> <- /\ \/ = Dodge Direction

Link To Heavy Knight Idea: https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1821798-Knight-Hero-Idea?p=13248450#post13248450

01-09-2018, 01:03 AM
No more assassins. There's already to many assassin/hybrid assassin's we need some more Heavy's and hybrid vanguard's.

01-09-2018, 01:08 AM
We need

Sallet + Fully Armoured + with Sword and Shield is what Knights is lacking

we have enough assassins, we lack vanguards and heavies

01-09-2018, 01:16 AM
No more assassins. There's already to many assassin/hybrid assassin's we need some more Heavy's and hybrid vanguard's.
This i am tired of assassins, pk, glad, shaman even aramusha which fights like an assassins. No more lightspam bring in some skilledbased characters instead.

01-09-2018, 05:53 AM
Way too many assassin's. A good knight hero idea is a heavy/vangaurd. I've seen suggestions for a Templar or a hospitaller. Full robes with full suit of chainmail underneath and a great helm..
Tower or kite shield with a longsword or a mace. Now That! I would like to see. And it could definitely work

01-09-2018, 08:31 AM
I want more vanguards and heavies. Give me a knight with a Sword and a Shield.\((Honestly, ****ing give Centurion a shield and turn him into a heavy. Like Centurion should have had a shield to begin with))

01-09-2018, 02:36 PM
While I do agree with everyone else that the game is currently flooded w/ Assassin's and Assassin Hybrids, I really do like the idea and think once they've done a rotation of Heavies and Vanguards that this would make a great addition to the playing field. I like the idea of a 1 time OOS High Risk / High Reward attack.

As with any character, it would be hard to know until you've played it for a while, but on paper it looks like a very fair character, no OP but not trash either. If I had to change 1 thing, it would probably be making the kick after slipping dodge not guaranteed, but making a heavy after it guaranteed. If you want a punishment for a wall splat, you could always make the top or side heavy attack(s) slower but deal a bit more damage than the side(s) that it comes out faster from.