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01-06-2018, 11:51 AM
I just got assassins creed origins, I like it, so far the story and gameplay are great, its my first back into the series since black flag.

I just wanted to share an opinion of mine for timelines I'd like to see in a future game, first, and I'm not going to go into to much detail, but id like to see a modern AC game, like we know, at least I think I know the Templars are behind the animus company so it would be cool to play as an assassin from today with today's tech in the engine they use, going after them.

But most importantly I'd love to play a title based in feudal Japan, I love that time in history, and there's so much they could do with it plus who wouldn't want to run around with katana and a bunch of other sweet shinobi gear. Just an idea to get a discussion going. Thoughts?

01-06-2018, 12:05 PM
Modern AC : i feel that the AC franchise belongs in exploring past eras that we can't visit today anymore, and i found that the closer we get to modern times, the less mysterious and exotic the game becomes (ie syndicate , because victorian London is still largely making up the landscape of modern London), and also technology makes all "'mysteries" irrelevant if you can spy on anyone at any time (ie modern hacking and surveillance technology)
I think Origins , compared to syndicate, proved that parkour gets boring when you have to climb an infinity of tall useless buildings (ok there was the grappling hook, but you get the idea : i'd rather climb 3 pyramids than 100 victorian era houses...), and it's better used as a possible way of moving around, rather than a mandatory one.

Feudal japan : mixed feelings here; at this time, i feel that Ghost of Tsushima basically made it impossible for a Japan AC in the near future, and Ubi soft will need to wait. I really hope for them that they didn't start production on such a game at this time. But i'm ok with a far away setting, because beyond the whole templar/assassin myth, you can find a order/chaos conflict in any civilization at any time, so why not japan.

Here are the eras i singled out as strong choices for an AC game:
- Mycenian aegean sea (Homeric era) (-1300)
- mesopotamia during the rise of persia / fall of the neo-assyrian empire (babylon!) (-500)
- Mauryan india during Ashoka's reign (-260)
- 2nd Punic war with some naval action (-210)
- Viking era north/baltic sea area - basically a viking game set in scandinavia feels mandatory. lots of precursor temples unexplored there... (800-1100)
- Thiry year war / reformation era in medieval germany (1610-1648)

And a choice that would be great but too controversial :
- Solomon era judea (-900)

On a side note, i think it would be Wise to avoid Rome,as it was already done in Brotherhood.
I also think Origins should have sequels of sort, because 1) Bayek is a strong lead 2) Antiquity is awesome