View Full Version : Lag Ruins the game ( with video)

01-03-2018, 04:10 PM
at the beginning of the game we lose a player, its happens but time,time but oke.

then i ( all of my team) a weird lag, i was wondering were it came from so i checked the scoreboard, theni see that one player has a red bar, oke fine but do we al have to suffer?
wel i didnt want to leave becuase of the 10 min penalty so i stayed and thought mabye that red bar player will get kicked, but the no his was alloud to stay and lag trough the whole match, but it was not only the lag wat was a suffer but olso his attacks, mabye you see in the video that when the kesnei attacked i only see the last part of his attack so i could do nothing. becuase before i could see his attack i got hit :(. this was horrible i could anything and it trough me off the game.
it not fun to play like this, its happening more frequently that this happens. the dedicated open test was the best please put this in de game and just fix those little problem, with all the tracking and gaurdbreak that can interrupt another gaurdbreak even when you attack, i know at startup you can interrupt but when the attack is already at his peak?

experienced also falling from legde just by standing next to them, or when i do a defensive countergaurd break and i fall? and how those the ledge system work on attack because i thought only when you do a zone-attack you get ledgde sometimes with heavy but a light attack or was it because i was ganked and got so many atacks that i had to fall?

it al a bit to much, but i still love this game, just i wish there was a little bit less frustration when playing For Honor!


01-03-2018, 09:01 PM
YEEEEEEEEEEES THX FOR THE VIDEO .. its exactly what i postet last days. and the funny thing is if u think ok its really not playable ,u cant leave , becaus u get 10 min punishment :mad:

01-04-2018, 09:01 AM
Calm down, this won't change anyway until they release dedicated Servers.