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01-03-2018, 02:53 AM
Finally I finished the game yesterday. And also got my platinum trophy on PS4!

I guess after playing 96% of the content in this game I can bring up my feedback:

Graphics: Even when playing this game on a regular PS4 (not PS4 pro) this game is absolutely beautiful! I guess I have never seen such an incredible water animation in any game with such amazing sun reflections/shadows etc. But I also have to say that there were several textures like rocks, mountains, trees and so on which were on a really low resolution. So I will rate this 9/10.

Combat System: Comparing it to the old ones it has a lot more action in it and is more "skill" based which is nice. In my eyes there could have been some more kill animations for each weapon type but thats not really important. On the other hand this is not the typical "Assassin" way to fight when thinking about it. You just hold a sword or spear and smash button like a freak on your controller once you break through the enemies defense with random hits. Like in older titles and like an "Assassin" I would like to see a combat system which still has a lot of action but also with the possibility to outsmart enemies or simply counter attack them like in previous games since we play someone who has a lot of fighting experience and skill. I had so many fights where I just wait for my special attack to be available and charge to the enemies because its getting annoying to break everyones defense. So my rating will be: 7/10

Protagonists: I like both. Bayek and Aya/Amunet. BUT: We played Bayek the whole time as a main character when realising at the end that Aya/Amunet is the actual person which takes the new brotherhood serious. At least more serious than Bayek. On the other hand Aya made the mistake to blindly trust cleo without thinking by herself which was a bad decision she later admits towards bayek. So Bayek is also a good main protagonist. Both would have worked I guess. I love the way how Bayek treats the people he gets confronted with and also with children after losing his son. But I dont understand why he never commented on the crazy tombs when using those stones to activate the mechanism of the isu. He gets teleported out of the tomb and he doesnt even say ANYTHING about that? I mean yeah in old egypt it was normal to port around tombs I guess? Rating: 7/10

Quest Design: This aspect is just about side quests NOT the story. So the side quests were both cool and boring. Some side quests like those with "the mouse" were fun to play. But others felt really copy paste.. "My son got arrested in that camp... my husband got arrested and this guy was arrested too.." And everytime one had to go to the camp to free the person and bring them back alive. Most of the time they were to damaged to walk by themselves and we have to carry them out. Another quest was the one with the scorpion. 4 places you had to find all over the world just to find 3 idiots in a cave ending up dying.. like wow? So much drama and mysticism just to kill 3 bandits in a cave? cmon..So overall the variation was not as aspected but it was okay for the first try making AC an open world game. Rating: 7/10

Story telling: Well for the story I really have to say Im a bit disappointed.. Overall the story idea by itself is fine. No problem with that. But the way it is told in the game was a bit weird. I never had that feeling when playing the story where I wanted to keep playing it because it was super fascinating. The story to me felt like playing a side quest. There were no ups and downs. When traveling to the Kyrenaika facing Flavius I did all activities around it before starting the story quest. Suddenly the story quest just triggered cause I went into the temple and I was fighting against Flavius. He died and the story quest was over. Thats it. I was like wow okay and now? Nothing more? And then going back to Aya saying yoo I killed that ******* which killed our son! Yeah cool I love you but I have to break up with you and travel to rome to kill another *******. More conversation please? And not just jump in and out and kill one by one.. So overall the story telling was a disappointment for me. Rating: 6/10

Open world:

Cities: Full of life everyone had something to do and it didnt feel like walking through a world full of zombies that doesnt care about you. The only negative aspect I noticed was that the NPCs permanently said the same sentences on egypt language.

Wildlife: Animals almost everywhere! They had a good placement. And the amount of them regarding to the area was good too! Everything fine!

Activities: Well.. thats another story. TONS of questionmarks on the map filled with the same copy paste stuff over and over again. small camps, medium camps, large camps. Animal camps. tombs. hidden treasures. Did I forgot about anything? Oh yeah.. CAMPS! And what frustrated me most about those questionmarks was the problem with their connection to some side quests. Like I just traveled to a new region and the first thing I do is going to the questionmarks. A large camp with 3 bosses and 2 tressures. Hardly trying to not getting caught 20 minutes later I finished it. When suddenly a random side quest says yoo dude you have to go to this large camp you just came from to bring back my lost son!.. Seriously? But again not everything was bad and super boring! Else I wouldnt have played 89 hours. Those tombs with the isu mechanisms were the best part for me in the game! A lot deep talk about life with theories about time and more! I loved them!

So my rating for that aspect will be 7/10 the questionmarks were just to many without enough varity. And it doesnt care how beautiful the places are where you go when the thing you find is always the same. Its still a game not reality where you would enjoy the moment in nature for hours..

Modern day: Was okay. The new possible protagonist with a solid backstory. Not enough information for me personally but it was okay. At the end just a short talking and back into the animus.. Nothing about juno or what comes next. Just again tons of speculations how it could go on.. 6/10

My overall end rating for ACO would be 7/10 I guess. Lipp synch is included

01-03-2018, 01:49 PM
Yeah I also give the game a 7 if there were 4 major things I wish they improved it was:

-Story: I can sometimes not really care about the world of your game if I don't understand what people are talking about like the God believe and well everything really.

-Editing: This is one major issue for me in the game that just broke my immersion like every hour or so on. Like you said ''. A large camp with 3 bosses and 2 tressures. Hardly trying to not getting caught 20 minutes later I finished it. When suddenly a random side quest says yoo dude you have to go to this large camp you just came from to bring back my lost son!.. Seriously?'' Or that you can walk away everytime in every mission for some reason and no one cares about it!

Examples: Someone wants to kill the Queen and has her surrounded with his friends, I defeated all his friends but my health was pretty much low so I had to run and than I noticed that the man didn't follow me and went back to the Queen I realised that I had to go back and save her or else GAME OVER... But this was not the case because he would just wait for you to get back to the mission area and the Queen did not move or make a sound... You could let her stand there for 5 weeks and things would not change.

There was this one mission that still mind blows me: Bayek wanted to prevent a woman from commiting suicide and ased her to wait and he would look for something... Than Bayek says ''I have what I was looking for I should give it to her'' and than he says ''There she is I should give her it'' Dude you are standing right infront of her why not give her from the beginning OOH YEAH the game was not designed to be this way:)
So you lead her back home and Bayek says he would protect her and suddenly three wild lions appeared! I fougght back of course and was afraid that she would die Than you realise that she can't die like everyone else in the game, there is no need to help or save them only to progress the mission My health was pretty low and I run away and the lions went back to her... I can the suicidal woman for weeks alone beaten to dust by lions and I don't need to return at all like WTF what is even the point!
As the good man I am though I went back, killed the lions and helped her.
I see people praise this but really? how can this be any good? it's like the developers were afraid that the gamer would lose so they incorporated into the game, why would I care about protecting someone if they can just can't die?
I am sorry but if this is not fixed I probably won't be buying the next game.

-Repetitive: I am 100% certain that 75% of the game exist out of
1. Infiltrate MEDIUM bandit camp and kill the captain general and steal some stuff
2. Infiltrate MEDIUM LARGE bandit camp and kill some captains and steal some stuff
3. Infiltrate BIG bandit camp and kill some dudes and steal some stuff
4. Infiltrate BIG FORTRESS and kill some dudes and steal some stuff
5. Infiltrate MEDIUM BIG FORTRESS and kill some dudes and steal some stuff (mostly the fortress looks the same)
6. Infiltrate BIG FORTRESS and kill some dudes and steal some stuff (I think I have been here before)
7. Infiltrate SMALL FORTRESS and kill some dudes and steal some stuff (He it's bigger!)
8. Infiltrate MEDIUM FORTRESS and kill some dudes and steal some stuff (It's getting worse)
9. Infiltrate a number 9 BIG, a number 6 SMALL with extra dip, a number 7 WITH MEDIUM, two number 45's; one with cheese, an a large soda in a chest please!.
10. Would you like to free this person? (mostly camp and fortress)
11. Would you like to free multiple persons? (mostly camp and fortress)
12. Would you like to kill this man and sneak away
13. Get me this stuff in this cave
14. Get me this stuff in this house
15. Get me this stuff in this cave
16. Get me animals in that part of the country.
Did I mention fortress and camp? Dear God stop this madness!

The hunting: You know people like me don't like hunting animals so I just buy weapons but not even that helps me make progress, I have to kill animals for other things like upgrading my armor and hidden blade (how people don't die from a knife in there throat is for me a miracle) and all of these animals are spread agrose the country DEAR GOD THIS IS FILLER I am doing the same thing over and over again why can't I play the game like I want to? I was almost willing to spend money on microtransaction so I could through the game -_-.

I still give the game a 7/10 but this caused me more stress and irritation than I expected to, if this is not changed in the next game I doubt I buy it.