View Full Version : Future game ideas?

01-03-2018, 12:00 AM
What about a modern assassin's creed time? like 2000+? like going through major cities such as NYC or LA Chicago Detroit Miami. killing off the suspects of the highly corrupted.

01-03-2018, 02:42 AM
I think a setting in Japan during the decline of the last Shogun would be a pretty rich source of subject matter and interesting history... Samurai and Ninja are still relevant, but the influx of Dutch traders, Portuguese missionaries, and eventually Commodore Perry, along with plenty of internal players trying to bring about the downfall of the Tokugawa, all with their own agendas could be story elements. It would be a slice of history not yet visited anyway, with lots of potential for some pretty awesome set pieces, stories, and game play aspects, and easy enough to tie in to the overall background storyline of the AC universe.

01-04-2018, 06:00 AM
As great as it would be roaming New York City with a hidden blades, one of Assassin Creed Black Flag's writers stated that a modern day AC would be doubtful. If you are looking for a game similar to AC set in modern day Watch Dogs might be a good fit

01-21-2018, 09:41 AM
Its Great if ubisoft make Assassin Creed but in Philippines Well Its great and im very thankful if they make it i want the Assassins creed Live long AC fan Forever <3

01-23-2018, 08:21 PM
How about Assassins Creed WWII lol or AC 2050 or ASIA Mongol empire, Japan, China, India or AC 1960s or AC INCA, Mayan, Aztec