View Full Version : GET RID OF BOMBS ETC or limit them RUIN GAME

01-02-2018, 11:37 PM
WHEN WHEN WHEN are they going to SORT OUT the bomb/arrow freaks which TOTALLY and UTTERLY ruin game, ALL players seem to do is kill a few minions then stand in corner till end of game with couple bombs available , nearly ALL the matches i've known the fighting in between is irrelevant its whoever (NOT ALL characters have) has got arrows/bombs etc at end ,it makes total mockery of the rest of match , WHY when it gets to stand and fight dont they disallow bombs etc at that stage OR only allow 1 per game MANY MANY players have LEFT the game entirely because of these cheap kills , ALSO why do they have game where you can kill your own team mates ANY hits from your team mates SHOULD do zero damage

01-03-2018, 12:51 AM
The whole feat system needs a rework imo. the only thing feats are good for is snowballing the winning team. And alot are just completely useless.

I disagree however that friendly fire should be zero. I personaly would like to up the damage. I think this will discourage the 4 vs 1 ganks.