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01-02-2018, 05:16 PM
I mean, Nobushi can deal with her to an extent (if the shaman is bad and just spamming at you) but a shaman with good a good neutral is almost unbeatable I feel like with any class in a 1v1.

Especially Warden, I feel so powerless against them playing Warden. Shoulder bash is literally out of the question because of the dodge attacks.

Aramusha cant do anything to open anyone up if his life depended on it, so fighting a shaman with good neutral is almost impossible, along with any other class.

Shinobi is probably the only class I can actually keep up with a Shaman on :(

Its absolutely absurd this chick gets the best attacks out of everyone in the game whilst having no repercussions, Shinobi's punishment for that back in season 2 was having a health pool of 0 or something, but nah lets give Shaman the best bash, best lunge attack, best softfeints, best throw distance, best run speed, best health sustain, AND give her the maximum amount of HP an assassin can have. (if she gets to be the best at all these things, make her HP the same as old Shinobi.)

Really getting sick of her, getting to the point where I wanna stop playing until either she gets nerfed or everyone else is eratic and unpredictable/unreactable as she is, especially in Dominion (which is my go-to game mode) but even in 1v1's shes not fun to play against in the slightest, on top of being easy enough for people without hands being able to play her at her max potential.

Edit: Her bite, her fkn bite...... I dont even know wtf is wrong with it (or me) I see her glow orange and lunge, I dodge, she still gets me.......... I really don't understand..... Am I the only one who feels like my dodges should be successful if I manage to complete the dodge animation while shes lunging at me? Or did they just not fix the tracking or something?

01-02-2018, 05:29 PM
I mean, you have an ASSASSIN which can push u against wall with just simply w+space+middle mouse or s+space+middlemouse which make it more harder to dodge, which give her a garantee hit .
an ASSASSIN with a dodge attack which is a dodge heavyattack?? whaaaat !!
And i dont wanna talk about unblockable left attack ( why should be unblockable ) blood ( which is very easy for her to make someone blood ) , too many HP ( there r hybrids with lower HP )
its just tooooo much for an assassin . If u r opponent know how to play a lit bit , its near impossible to win , no matter which class u r playing !
and what they patched last time , hahah funny , nothing changed.

01-02-2018, 07:01 PM
Do read through here (both original post and comments) when you get the time. It was a thread created solely to focus on countering Shaman. And I'm a Warden main. I as well as others chipped in with various bits of very useful info. I hope this proves useful ^^


Also, here's her entire framedata should you need it:


Focus on dodge heavies:


01-02-2018, 09:24 PM
A good fix would be like u said lower her up by alot, and after all of her dodge attacks u get a free GB if blocked.