View Full Version : New players heavily disadvantaged

01-01-2018, 09:21 PM
OK You should give new players more operators to work with cause of 20 levels I still haven't unlocked a single one sure theres the r6 credits thing you get when you first buy the game but its not enough. ILl list some reasons why this puts them at a disadvantage. They have limited knowledge on every single operator and don't know what a lot of them do.
The tutorial is not great i didn't know how to heal my teammate with doc til someone told me. Not to mention how long it takes to get a single operator without paying. And if score effects renown thats really bad for new players cause there gonna have an extremely hard time with that. Not to mention even if you finish every single situation with some failed attempts you still cant get a single new operator for quite some time the grind wall is so big with getting so little renown each round.
my other complaint is hit reg discourages new players i head shot someone with nearly an entire mag of ak ammo and they still didnt die the enemy player agreed with me that i head shot him nearly that entire time with him at 75 health and he did not have a doc on his team.

01-02-2018, 04:54 PM
well you sort of have a point but you are highly over eexaggerating. About 70% of the operators is just 500 renown, which you can get by either playing 3 matches, completing the tutorial or a few co-op matches. I think what happened here is that you are looking at one or more of the DLC operators, which cost 25000 renown, that's a whole different ballgame. I do agree with you those are a bit too expensive and reek of F2P gaming which is a bit disgusting. The only reason I can forgive this practise is because I got the game + season 3 pass for 35 euros... Otherwise I would've felt ripped off too.