View Full Version : Suggestion For all...for game designers

12-31-2017, 10:56 PM
Ubi, you did amazing work since a while.

Far Cry 3, and 4.

Far Cry Primal ( in my eyes, more than awesome. )

Assassin's Creed III, Black Flag and Origins. And Origins... a must. A collection. A masterpiece.

But can you do more game in early period ?

You look very confident and good to do historical and prehistoric ages games.

Why not games with Aztecs, Mayas, Incas... Even Sumer civilization period. Sumer...viewed as the first civilization.

Japanese ? Chinese with the mythical Xiang dynasties and legacies ?

Doesn't need to be an Assassin' Creed or a Far Cry series. It can be another story, a simple story of a native one. An aztec, maya, sumer, that fight with friend, an A.I. or co-op, for freedom ( whatever ).

Making game that we go back in time, in early period, where civilization is bubbling. Like Primal.

Sumer period...so many legend and story with. The lost army, the battle with persian....

There is not a lot of game studios who do so. Yes they do swords and magics and lost civilization. But always in a magic world that is not ours.

YOU, you do games that is our history. Pyramids, mammouths, pirates...

More early games. if it is possible. And I would like so.

Doesn't need to be Assassin' Creed or Far Cry. Just a native that live in that age.

P.S. But please, use assassin's creed graphic engine. Very nice an so immersive.

And for those who like guns, Still Far Cry series...