View Full Version : PC Suggestion Assassin's creed: Origin, possible upgrade?

12-31-2017, 06:15 AM
I do wonder why the Isu Armour in AC: Origins does nothing. In every other Assassin's creed game, anything that was created by the first civilisation did something, like the Mayan armour, it was bullet proof. I wonder, could you add a patch in that adds special abilities to the armour? I was thinking it would be cool if the Isu Armour could reflect back the damage that an attacker inflicts on the Bayek, and at least lessens the damage taken in. I've been wasted way too many times by totall OP enemies, and most of them attack for no reason, I'm just passing by. I nearly got wasted just before by an arrow, just one arrow; and I'm level 17 and my game is set to easy. There needs to be something to even the balance.