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12-31-2017, 02:38 AM
Also if Ubisoft wants to bring people back and to keep people playing for Honor they need to bring in more hero’s next year. I have a few ideas that I will list below for each faction and each hero. I got a few of these ideas off of other people but I have expanded on these ideas into much fuller things then when they were started.

So for the Knights there is the

Juggernaut (heavy)-> He will be the most heavy armored knight and character in the game with 180 hp. It would be best to be a full plate suit of armour like those of the late 15th and early 16th century. He will use a huge 2 handed maul, war hammer or Great mace to destroy his enemies doing 50 damage on heavy over head attacks and 45 on side heavy attacks. He should also be able to charge his attacks to do unblockable attacks at full charge for 60 damage on any side but he has no super armor outside of the Juggernaut and uninterruptible feats. Also he will be quiet big like the lawbringer if not bigger in both heights and weight. (He should also have the thick blood feat like the warden has.) (His Attack speed should be same as the Hylander)
And yes that means I want him to have both the Juggernaut and thick blood feats so people can choose to have him more offensive or more defense. But I still want him to also have the tear 4 uninterruptible skill as well.

Executioner (Heavy)-> He will where armor similar to the lawbringer or Conquerer as a mix of plate, chain mail, and leather but he should have a number of very different helms. ome will just be like executing hoods while others can be face plates helms like the Centurions. Also he should be about as big as the raider if not bigger in terms of height and mass. This should give him about 140-150 hp. I think 145 would work best. He will use a massive executioners axe that does 45 damage on any heavy attack. His third heavy attack should be uninterruptible like the kenshi’s. And if his third attack is overhead it should be unblockable but can be interrupted. His best Hero specific ability is that he will have completely uninterruptible executions. That includes grabs. That means the only way to stop him is to kill him. Also while executing he only takes half damage. He also need to have the bounty hunter feat because his thing is all about killing his enemies.
One of his default executions can be that he pulls them to all fours by while pulling the axe out of them and then kind of there head killing them but then he picks there head up with one hand and spins slowly with it facing Outward showing of the kill before tossing it away from him.
(Also give him the thick blood feat like the warden has) (His Light attack speed should be the same as the Raiders. His heavy attack speed should be the same as the Raiders overhead attack speed.) I am unsure about this but if this would balance him you could just not give home the half damage shield because he has the bounty hunter feat but then again that would only apply to people who would build him that way. So really he does need the sheiks inprder to not need bounty hunter. But he definitely needs bounty hunter, also body count would be a good one for him as well.

Paladin (Heavy or Vanguard )-> Is about as armored as the lawbringer or Conquerer but uses a tower shield and a 1 handed morning star/mace. He will have Superior block on all sides and be able to block on all sides with support blocking. He should have a shield bash counter attack that causes stagger. Basically give him all the shield abilities of every shield user in the game right now besides the ability to do counters besides the bashes or pushes with his shield.
He should probably do 30 damage on heavy attacks and have 140-160 health.

Duelists (Assassin)-> Will wear medium leather armor and a feathered hat. He will use a rapier. He will have a quick heavy parry counter attack and a light deflect counter attack. Also you should give him an infinite light combo of very quick low damage thrusts. Maybe do 12 damage per light attack same as the Conquerers infinite combo move.
(Attack speed should be the same as the Peace keepers.)

Now onto the Vikings there is the

Frostborn (Heavy)-> This will be an absolutely massive Viking. Like just a mountain of a man. He should be as armored as a warlord but also wear a mix of different bear pelts. Like for his epic and legendary stuff he can get polar bear pelts to wear as armor. He will be able to pick people up by there face and throw them with one hand as one of his abilities. He will use a Two headed battle axe as his weapon but he will actually utilize both sides of his axe with moves like double slash on light attack like the warden has. His heavy attacks should all do 45 damage and he should have super armor on overhead attack. Also he can do an unblockable charged heavy attacks that do 55 damage. Note: He can charge up his overhead attack but it does not become unblockable but he does keep the super armor while doing it. He should have like 160 hp because he isn’t wearing plate armor but he is wearing chainmail, heavy leather, and is huge.
(Also give him the thick blood feat.)
(His Light attack speed should be the same as the Raiders. His heavy attack speed should be the same as the Raiders overhead attack speed.)

Lone Wolf (Assassin)-> This is a small assassin who will wear different sets of wolf pelts as armor. He will be equipped with 2 daggers. He will do 25 damage on all heavy attack (which is the same amount I want the to reduce Shaman too. For Further information on how they should rebalance the shaman check out my post on rebalancing the shaman.) One of his special abilities can be Pack which allows him to do more damage when skies are close by. A Cool tear 4 feat for him would be a howl which summons a pack if 5 Wolfs to help him fight. These are Ai controlled like the ones from the campaign and are just as easy to kill, they are simply there to harass the enemy.
(Attack speed should be same as shamans.)

Then with the samurai there is the

Red Dragon or The Dragon (Heavy)-> He is dressed like a tradition samurai Calvary soilder with big heavy armor but what I want is for this armor to be made from metal setting him apart from the other samurai. He should have about 150 hp and fight with a Sword Spear/lance. Longest range besides shinobi. He should have two combat forms like the highlander. His defense form being slower and useing only thrust attacks but doing 40 damage on side heavy attacks, 45 on overhead heavy attacks, and his offense form being faster, unblockable and using only slashing attacks but only doing 30 damage on side heavy attacks, 40 on overhead heavy attacks. When he enters offensive mode he will slide his hands up higher on the weapon making it shorter by putting some of the pole behind his body. This will give him the same range as the Kenshi. Also a great tear 4 feat would be ancestor wrath where he calls in live 3-5 ghost horsemen to charge down the battle field killing anyone they crash into along the way. (Note: it will be a pretty narrow charge and Players should clearly know they are coming.
They will stop once they reach the end of the map and Dissipate. He should wave around the giant banner he carries on his back for this feat.)
(Also Note: He won’t be riding a horse. He will fight on the ground just like every other character.
His defense is form attack speed will be the same as the Raiders and his offense form attack speed will be the same as the Wardens.
(Also give him the thick blood feat like the warden does.)

Monk (Hybrid)-> Dressed in traditional robes he does not have much armor so he will only have 120 hp. He uses the traditional bo staff so his heavy attack will only do 25 damage on any direction. But his main ability is to use mixed martial arts against his foes that can block stamina regen for enemies and also do great stamina damage. His is best uses to exhaust enemies quickly and then use his bow staff for unblockable tripping attacks.

12-31-2017, 04:57 AM
if they added ai summoning feats i quit.

some are cool ideas but some are too strong and can kill in 2 hits... not what this game needs.

01-02-2018, 08:53 PM
Loved the concept of the duelist, the frostborn and the lancer, especially his T4 feat. They would need a little bit of adjust to not be overpowered, but still, very nice.

01-02-2018, 09:32 PM
Loved the concept of the duelist, the frostborn and the lancer, especially his T4 feat. They would need a little bit of adjust to not be overpowered, but still, very nice.


01-04-2018, 01:51 PM
Man the weapons you are suggesting for the knight are not weapons they are tool, you can't win a fight with them. Also the rapier is symbolic of the renaissance, of the end of knight and such things, so it's literally the symbol of their death, stop with this weapon please. Frostborn is just raider with warlord gear, dagger dual wielding is trash. It's literally worst than using dagger and empty hand. The samurais heavy is the best idea for me, seems the most practical and is the only one using a actual weapon of war. Finally STOP WITH MONK. No Japanese monk use staff, it's a Chinese thing, sōhei (actual Japanese warriors monk) are as skilled and generally wear armor under their robes and use real weapons, such as two handed axe for example. I'm not going to discuss how dumb it is to use a non metal weapon in medieval time, plus the fact that you just can't find three pieces to customize in a wooden staff, so it's a big no no for me sorry

01-04-2018, 04:15 PM
Man the weapons you are suggesting for the knight are not weapons they are tool, you can't win a fight with them.

On the contrary, Warhammers and Mauls have been used throughout history as a mace type bludgeoning weapon, ideal against heavily armoured slower opponents. Granted they are exhausting to use and probably not something you would want to take into battle due to the length of the confrontation, but I imagine was a lethal weapon in single combat, in the right hands.

PJ5550382017, The Juggernaut idea is great, and has been thrown about before. However your interpretation of it is way overpowered. If anything he should have the same armour and subsequently the same hitpoints as the Conqueror, but he has a two-hander instead of a shield, and thus less defensive capability. I'd like to see him as one of the hardest hitting, slowest classes in the game with some stuns, throws and disabling abilities to allow him to get his attacks off.

The monk is another idea that has been thrown about that I like. He could be a Heavy/assassin hybrid with big muscles, topless, wielding a quarterstaff or bo staff to lethal effect. Throw in some martial arts moves too. He'd have range and mix up's on his side, the trade off being low health.

01-04-2018, 05:06 PM
Sure a maul can kill, but it stays a tool, not primarily designed to kill, so a real two handed Warhammer such as a Lucerne hammer would be much better. Also, no knight ever used maul, it was used only by peasants that could not aquire a weapon, the contrary of the jungernaut. Also it could not exist considering that lawbringer is the most heavily armored knight in the lore of the game, so no more bulkier knight is coming sorry.
Also, didn't you read my point on the monk?

01-04-2018, 06:37 PM
There meant to be thrown around and decused to become better and more practical.

01-05-2018, 04:33 PM
Also even though they say the Lawbringer armor is the strongest of our people they could easily still put in the Juggernaut with more health by simply saying: “We thought they and there unbreakable armor were lost to use eons ago but when we needed them most they returned.” Also I could go down on his heath to 160 the same as the Shugoki but I just wanted him to have the most health of the Knights because I wanted him in the strongest armor from the time of the Knights. The time of full encompassing plate that would cover every inch of him in plate armor. This is why I want him to be the slowest attacker and slowest runner.”