View Full Version : Can we have the winter weapons be a permanent addition to the game?

12-28-2017, 11:53 PM
Okay, so first off, colors, ornaments, battle outfits, effects, etc. can all stay seasonal. They're all cosmetic, so that makes them great for event rewards. This isn't about them.

The weapons, though, I would like if they were permanently added to the game's loot pool. I get that they're seasonal and winter-based, and I get why some people might not want them to stay permanently in the game, but here's why I ask.
In a few rep levels, most of the winter weapons I have will be, in essence, shiny garbage. They look pretty, but if my character is up using epic gear, those rare seasonal weapons aren't gonna do me much good. Can't use them for stats because they'd be inferior, and can't use them to change the looks of anything because they're not the same quality.

So, I think as a seasonal gift that lasts a little longer, maybe we could keep the winter weapons in the loot pool permanently.
And, if not that, maybe we just have the winter weapons as permanent looks available to change into. That way we still would have to earn them during the event.

I get that some people would like to keep these as event-only, but still. I'd like to be able to continue using the winter gear for the looks after the event is over, and I don't think a few of my characters are even gonna be using the same rarity of drop I got for the winter weapons for that much longer.

So, what do you guys think?
Permanently added to loot pool or permanent transmog for those who earned them?

12-29-2017, 12:11 AM
I agree. Post-event, many people will want to use new/different heroes, and many people will be leveling up. Also, for those who didn't already have DLC heroes, they never were able to unlock the Frost Wind weapons during the event for the DLC heroes. Consequently, post-event, many people are going to be displeased with such a limitation.

Seeing as the Frost Wind weapons will not be included in the 35,000 Steel packages, it makes sense to have them remain available to loot. That's the only way to acquire them in the first place, so it won't hurt the initial concept at all if they're still lootable post-event.

That, and the entire RNGfestation, with the inventory limitation, and the Change Look joke, are already making it hard for us to take care of our appearances and fashions, plus our gear stats.

I fully support your suggestion. As a hotfix for this broken system, until they allow Change Look cross-tier, and until they revamp the entire RNG thing, and get rid of the F2P MMO model, which has no place at all in For Honor.

12-29-2017, 02:00 AM
Good to know I'm not the only one who thinks the transmog system is crap.
Honestly, they should just handle it like Diablo does, and once you have an object, it stays as a transmog option permanently even if you get rid of it.
Would save a lot of trouble, especially with limited time weapons, if they really insist on having them.

12-29-2017, 02:45 AM
I'll share here a portion of what I recently posted in another thread of mine, concerning a very similar discussion, in a reply to someone. Might be insightful to your suggestion.


2 easy quick fix solutions for the RNG loot drops:

1) Apply the same thing they did with the rewards in ranked Duel, i.e. loot drops are for the character you are playing as. Once you have looted everything for that character then loot drops start to be randomly distributed to other characters like it is now. This way you can get your favourite characters kitted out simply by playing with them and after that RNG can over.


2) Use Rocket League's idea of a special event currency that is only used for as long as the event lasts. Rocket League calls it "snowflakes". This event currency should drop after every match and can be used to buy any of the event cosmetic items. This way you can actually obtain specific items that you want for any one of your characters. Takes the RNG completely out of the picture other than for the weapon drops.

These are awesome suggestions! and definitely, a clever mix of both can certainly be very efficient here. All the while, saving up your precious Steel for non-event stuff, and spending a different currency on event-specific items. I definitely encourage your first point. This is how it's supposed to be in the first place. The priority is strictly to the characters you are playing at a given time. RNG can take over later.

Another way this can get easily implemented without the hassle of introducing a third type of resource, we could use Salvage for event-specific items. While keeping the Salvage pricetag real, of course; not inflate Avalanche execution effect at 80,000 Salvage for example. That would just kill the entire concept from square one.

The idea of randomized loot allows you to stock up on Salvage after every match, since 90% of the time you get loot you don't want or need. A hotfix to this broken system would simply be, open more uses for Salvage, keep Steel restricted solely for outfits, effects, emotes, executions, and ornaments. This also means Change Look and gear upgrade no longer cost Steel. Also, during seasonal events, dismantling gear should yield twice as much Salvage. And of course, during a seasonal event, we should have the choice of either spending Salvage on event-specific items (which should be readily available in the customization menus), or grinding through matches to unlock them via loot (which prioritizes the character played, however drop rate will still be tough).

This is all of course a hotfix, until they can completely get rid of the RNGfestation. Which won't be easy at all. This requires implementing a "blacksmith shop" in the customization menus, where tier-specific gear will remain locked (however still visible and viewable) until you reach higher reps, then can be purchased (with Salvage, not Steel). And the matches yield Salvage, XP, and Steel. No more dismantling, no more unnecessary inventory cluttering. No more "no loot found" screens. And the gear you purchase gets its look saved in a "journal" if you wish to do a Change Look later. Which also shouldn't force them to increase inventory size beyond 60. It's an entirely different system.

Side note: since it's a "blacksmith shop", you can choose to "forge" armor with a different material, should you wish silver instead of bronze, for example. And when you'd like to change back to bronze, you can "re-forge". Forging and re-forging cost more Salvage, and a bit of Steel. And of course, certain materials may only be forged at specific reputation tiers. Also, forging isn't limited to just material, it also involves engravings/embossings on armor. And, just like material, certain engravings/embossings may only be used at higher tiers.

12-29-2017, 03:28 AM
During the warriors den that kicked off the winter event the devs addressed a similiar question about the frost weapons. They advised players to "keep the frost weapons in their inventory" and implied that at some point in the future we will be able to upgrade the frost weapons to the highest gear rarity for our character(s).

12-29-2017, 03:32 AM
Agreeeedddd. Hey UBI, please keep the weapon available after the event ends. Not all of us have time to play everyday :(

12-29-2017, 06:23 AM
During the warriors den that kicked off the winter event the devs addressed a similiar question about the frost weapons. They advised players to "keep the frost weapons in their inventory" and implied that at some point in the future we will be able to upgrade the frost weapons to the highest gear rarity for our character(s).
Well, I'd rather have them stay permanently in one way or another, but at least they've somewhat addressed it.

Not all of us have time to play everyday
Exactly. I may say the cosmetics should be event only, but the weapons seem significantly harder to farm for. (I have all ornaments and outfits. Can't say the same for weapons.)
I think weapons should stay in the same vein as mask outfits. Let them be permanent for collectors and people who don't have the time to constantly farm.