View Full Version : [PSVR] NoN-VR version Steam/Uplay Mic Fix !!

12-28-2017, 05:33 PM
Original Meldung :

This fix is specific for double-byte (CJK) versions of Windows.
For an Asian windows version, the name of the recording device is described as a double-byte string such as マイク. It appears that the title is unable to handle these double-byte strings when scanning recording devices. Changing the name via Sound > Recording > Properties to something such as "mic" has resolved the issue. Hopefully Ubisoft can incorporate this into a fix at a later date.

In kurz gesagt geht in eure Sound einstellung - Aufnahme - Wählt eier Mic aus wo ihr redet und ändert das in " Mikrofon " um Startet Steam/Uplay neu und es sollte Funktionieren . Hat bei mir auch geklappt


In short, going into sound setting - recording - Selects her microphone, where she converts her " Mikrofon" Steam / Uplay and it should work. Has worked for me too


I hope its work !!! we see us ingame !!!